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[RELEASE] Assistant Machinegunner and Assistant Anti-Tank

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Assistant Machinegunner and Assistant Anti-Tank


Download v1.0.2:

Google Drive






Allows the machinegunner (or anti-tank gunner) to request his group members for ammunition.
Two separate FSM's for two different assistants.



  • When gunners have two or less magazines, FSM activates.
  • Assistants will move to gunner with a low stance and drop magazine. Gunner will pick it up.
  • Tested with VCOMAI, TCL and LAMBS 2.0.



Copy FSM file(s) to your mission root folder.

On automatic rifleman/machinegunner's init:
null=this execFSM "assistant_mg.fsm";

On anti-tank gunner's init:
null=this execFSM "assistant_at.fsm";

Do not run on the assistants but on the gunners themselves.



Unit must be armed when initializing the FSM.


Known issues:

If there is no inventory space, units will stay stuck on a loop.

Code is pretty old but the FSM stands optimized.





Bohemia Interactive
BI Arma Forum Contributors


Thanks to:

Everyone supporting me @BI Forums.







v1.0.2 - Added: support for LAMBS 2.0.


v1.0.1 - Changed: Machinegunner minimum magazines is 1 on vest/backpack + 1 on gun, instead of 3 total (takes too much inventory space).


v1.0 - Public release


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20 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

This is a very nice idea !

Thank you very much RCA3 for another great script !  :thumbs-up:

Thank you again for the support, George, you're the best! 🤗


19 hours ago, genesis92x said:

Great script 🙂 Keep up the hard work

Thank you for the comment, Genesis, appreciate it. 👍

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This looks great. Its definitely needed to up the realism in game.

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