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See through walls

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Several times now, no matter what stage, I've encountered enemies spotting me in the way that they know where I am and can shoot me dead with one headshot, even tho I am hiding and there is No way to be seen from the outside. This has also happened and I have also been shot through rocks.


You should really insert a Report-option, because I know people are cheating. 


I've seen speed-hacks, god-mode and this see-through-walls things. 


Also I've encountered once with a fullt loaded Luger an enemy came in and I could not shoot. Instead of showing number of ammo, I saw a line ( - ) and where the remaining ammo is supposed to be there wasn't even a number. I could not melee either and the enemy knocked me dead with one blow. 


This is to bad in an otherwise really Good and unique game.

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I’m not sure if it is players using hacks or not, but I was just shot through a wall a while ago. The person who shot me was in the next room, and must have seen me through the wall somehow!? I was dead silent and he did not see me enter the room, I heard him approaching a ways off from the outside. It would be much appreciated if this bug was fixed!

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