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2 Bataljon Commando's | Arma 3 Unit

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2 Bataljon Commando's

2 Bataljon Commando's
BRANCH: Milsim | Semi-Realism
LANGUAGE: English | Don't be alarmed about the Dutch ranks etc.
TIMEZONE: CET | Central European Time.
OPERATION TIMES:  - Wed. | Training | 8 CET.
                                                           - Sat. | Operation | 8 CET.
                                                                            - Sun. | Possible Operation | 8CET.
- Participate in peacekeeping operations.
- Defend the national territory.
- Ensure national security Aid to the nation in disasters and such.
- Fighting terrorism Participate in EU Response Group operations (EU Battle Group).
- Perform evacuation operations of European nationals (NEO: non-combattant evacuation operation).
- Provide troops for NATO's Rapid Response Force (NRF: NATO Response Force).
- Provide support to the special forces.
- Provide support to the Navy component in anti-intrusion operations
MODS: Is mentioned in the discord.
OTHER INFO: We are a English based unit, we just use assets from the Belgian army.
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/w2kwXUu
ARMA3 UNIT: https://units.arma3.com/unit/2commando



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