This script allows scripters to re-use all the voice command phrases in Arma.  This is especially useful for AI type mods where scripts are making AI perform tasks, and you want to hear the audible commande like "Move Up", "Set Charge", "Detonate Charge", "Frag out", etc. Features: Unit's ingame language is used (i.e., English, French, Russian, Persian, etc). Sound file may be played loud or soft depending on unit's current behavior (Normal, Combat, Stealth) Lip animation   Download sample Mission: Here.   Credit:  @Larrow for his badass utility for finding sound file paths.  Use this tool to find additional sound paths to add to this script.  If you add more paths to this script, please post them in this topic, so I can add them to my script.   Boring Video of Demo   Sample init.sqf script from mission showing how to call the script:   The JBOY_Speak script (so you don't have to download demo mission to see it)