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VIV loading on ships/LHD

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I'm trying to change the ATLAS LHD to use VIV, using a placeable object (like the boat rack and the destroyer from the encore update).

I've defined a cargo area, and the exit/entry points are defined so they'd be right above the deck elevators.

Loading into the LHD works fine, but unloading always spawns the vehicles off the side of the ship.

Is there any way to get them to spawn on (or just above) the deck? it doesn't seem to be doable by adjusting memory points

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How would I script it so that every loaded vehicle is given an action to unload the vehicle and setPos right at the loading memory point (which I have just above the LHD deck), instead of letting the VIV system just spawn it somewhere to the side of the ship?


So far I'm thinking it will be something like this:

_LoadedVehicles = _getVehicleCargo _this;

_actionid = _LoadedVehicles addaction ["Move To FlightDeck", "ATLAS_Water\LHD\scripts\VIVLHD_Unload_action.sqf",_veh,0,true,true,"","driver  _target == _this"];

if(!alive _LoadedVehicles)then{objNull setVehicleCargo _LoadedVehicles};
_LoadedVehicles removeaction _actionid;


With the other script being something like:

params ["_attached_veh","_position","_caller"];

private ["_gopoint","_veh","_pos"];

if (local _caller) then {
    _gopoint = "VTV_exit_1";
    _veh = attachedTo _attached_veh;
    _pos = AGLToASL (_veh modelToWorld (_veh selectionPosition _gopoint));
    _pos set [0,((_pos select 2) + 0.1)];

    _caller action ["Move To FlightDeck",_LoadedVehicles];

    _caller setPosASL _pos;
    _caller setDir ((getDir _veh) - 90);


But I really don't know what I'm doing here


So far I have something that I can place inside the LHD, I can taxi a plane or helo to the deck elevators and load them inside, but I can't unload them back on the deck, help would be appreciated.

I think a such system would be a lot better suited to multiplayer than using moving elevators to raise and lower planes (don't wnat them to clip through and explode), and just easier to use in general.

*edit*, also, taxing helos in and out of the hangar doesn't really work because of the very likely event of a rotor collision (VTOL jets are pretty usable, but then helos have to all be stuck up top)

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