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i need some help whit this i want to (if player get Damage and that Damage are enough to kill player then spawn fnc_tazed )



#include "..\..\script_macros.hpp"
    File: fn_handleDamage.sqf
    Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine
    Handles damage, specifically for handling the 'tazer' pistol and nothing else.
params [

if (!isNull _source && {_source != _unit}) then {
    if (side _source isEqualTo west) then {
        if (currentWeapon _source in ["hgun_P07_snds_F","arifle_SDAR_F"] && _projectile in ["B_9x21_Ball","B_556x45_dual"]) then {
            if (alive _unit) then {
                if (playerSide isEqualTo civilian && {!life_istazed}) then {
                    private _distance = 35;
                    if (_projectile isEqualTo "B_556x45_dual") then {_distance = 100};
                    if (_unit distance _source < _distance) then {
                        if !(isNull objectParent _unit) then {
                            if (typeOf (vehicle _unit) isEqualTo "B_Quadbike_01_F") then {
                                _unit action ["Eject",vehicle _unit];
                                [_unit,_source] spawn life_fnc_tazed;
                        } else {
                            [_unit,_source] spawn life_fnc_tazed;
                _damage = if (_part isEqualTo "") then {
                    damage _unit;
                } else {
                    _unit getHit _part;

[] spawn life_fnc_hudUpdate;


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