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Easy editor unit building placement

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_bpos = [];
_origin = ((get3DENSelected "object") select 0);
{_bpos append (_x buildingPos -1)} foreach (nearestObjects [_origin, ["House", "Building"], 50]);
_bp = selectrandom _bpos;
_bpos = _bpos - [_bp];
_x setpos _bp;
} foreach (get3DENSelected "object");

The code is used in the 3den editor CONSOLE to place the SELECTED units/objects to all buildings in 50m radius.
You need to select your units in the editor, then press ctrl + D to enter the console, then you run the code. Works with editor placed buildings/fortifications.
the units will be put into nearest buildings, the 3den markers will update AFTER testing the mission, to make them stay you should put

{_x disableai "PATH"} foreach units this

into the composition of the group


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