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Hello and welcome to Robertson Arm's Studios, I am Rhys.

This is going to be my form for the projects I'll be focusing on for Arma 3. I hope to focus on a generalist model as a go forth with this studio by touching on a few different topics such as; the creation of terrains, Items to be used in games, and full-fledged factions.

 I will later have ways for people to support me through a Discord and a Patreon. However, for now, I will work without any support and see how far I get. In a project put to me from a community, I am currently a part of, the Canadian Expeditionary Force.


The Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) is a group I have joined recently, though I haven't gotten to know them well enough yet, I do plan on working on a realistic Canadian Forces mod and I hope to touch on all branches of the Canadian Military. With this being said I hope to develop a Realistic mod to bounce off what is done in and how the CEF operate during their mission and using images and videos of the Canadian Forces release a high quality 2035 "Arma 3" era mod and a Current era mod using most of the vehicles and equipment in current use. I'll link the CEF's page below. I realise that there are several different groups currently working towards the same goal, especially the Canadian Armed Forces 2035 Mod by "CerebralPolicy", and Task Force Canada Mod developed by "cafmodarma" and "Somnambulist". I'll put links for their mods below so you guys can show them some love. Their work is something I should appreciate and build upon as it is well done all things considered. 


With all this being said I'll now move into what the studio's objectives and goals moving into the winter months and the year 2020.


Armed Forces: Canada Mod (AFC Mod) will be developed along with a series of stages with achievable milestones for me to achieve so my supporter will always have something to look forward to. For now, I have a simple write out so you all will know where I'm going with this.






Armed Forces: Canada


Step 1: Initial Proof of Concept [In Process]


  • Canadian Armed Forces (2035) using Current Arma 3 Items and some created Items.
  • This will include CadPat in, Woodland (temperate), Arid, and Winter. I will include the newer variant Intermediate CadPat.
  • The camouflage, weapons and vehicle will be more or less prototyping for me and will only be released in photos of my works completed on Patreon and Discord to drum up interest from prospected Patreons so I can just do this instead of work and then do this.
  • Create Suitable in-game faction to include Light Infantry, Pathfinder, Recce, and Airmobile Units.


This Initial Proof of concept will hopefully bear fruit so I can continue the process into the next year. Having seen a glimpse into what may be coming to the Canadian Forces through public releases done by the Canadian Forces themselves. Everything in the Armed Forces: Canada 2035 Mod is all speculation and doesn't show the final project I'm going to use this time to stretch my legs and see what I am capable of by myself. After this Stage, I will not return to the 2035 equipment until I have completed my work on Modern Equipment.


Step 2: Fleshing out

  • Development of brand new models using 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.
  • The development will include the following; Basic Canadian Uniform (Helmet, Armor, Tactical Vests, Uniform, & Backpack)
  • Development of the C7 class of rifles, the C8 Class of rifles, the C9 Class of Squad Automatic Weapon, and C6 FLEX General Purpose Medium Machine Gun.
  • Configuring the work from Step 1 Proof of Concept into Step 2 work: Higher quality equipment, Textures, and Weapons.


It is the hope that step two will be completed if I work at it every day however I do not have the funding for this so step two will probably take me until Spring of 2020 without support. The moment I finish Step 1 I will go around looking for support from those other than CEF and hopefully develop a team of people working on this mod. I will be looking for a Coding Specialist and a 3D Artist to help augment my work. This would be great but I can't wait to tackle this challenge on my own.


Step 3: Further Expansion of Equipment

  • Continuing Expansion of equipment outlined in Step 2 as well as specialised equipment 
  • Recce Kits: Proper modular ghillie suits and equipment (C14, and C15 Rifles, Binoculars and scopes, and different hats)
  • Air Mobile Kits: Repelling equipment and other needs for the Helicopters


CEF is largely an Air Mobile group with a small Recce group. This step is mostly to equip them with the equipment that the Pathfinders and Recce units would use.


Step 4: Logistics Vehicles

  • Development of the Navistar 7000 series Truck in variants that mimic what is already available in-game. (Flatbed, Fuel, Repair, Ammo, Medical, Infantry Transport.)
  • Ensuring quality in this first vehicle will hopefully allow better ones to follow it. (Interior and exterior)


This would be the first vehicle I have attempted to do so I suspect It will take some time to do it. I wouldn't be surprised that we will see the completion of this vehicle late Summer to Early Fall of 2020.


Step 5 Combat Vehicles

  • Development of the Light Armoured Vehicle 3 (LAV-III Kodiak) and the Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV Lynx)
  • Both Vehicles will come with fully animated interiors and exteriors and Customizable additions (Camo Slat Armor etc.)


At this point, I hope to complete this around Winter of 2020. I would at that point if I'm still by myself developing this to move on to more stages and the hopeful completion of the mod but as for right now this is where I will leave it and see how close I get.








Canadian Expeditionary Forces


Canadian Armed Forces 2035


Task Force Canada



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