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[CO24] Digital Infantry Combat Environment (v2)

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After releasing my original mission in 2014, I have since been working tirelessly on this scenario privately. There are probably close to 500 hours worth of SQF code in this 1mb mission file.



Your task force stationed in Anizay is assigned dynamic and complex objectives in a 5km x 5km open world.  Operators will need to work tightly with their team as the majority of tasks have complex conditions such as hostage executions or explosive timers. The supported player counts are from 1-24 however 5-15 is optimal. Discord, TFR or ACRE are not required, but I very much doubt you will succeed at many objectives without a suitable method of communication.



https://sites.google.com/view/dicemod/ includes all the information you will need to get started. I have tried to keep the mod list as short as absolutely possible whilst maintaining an authentic feel.

(Current version: 2.0 - October 6, 2019)




I could write a book on all the features, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Additional scripted features:
    • Intelligence log provides HUMINT and SATINT
    • Grappling hook forr climbing structures
    • Ordance disposal dog
    • Ordance disposal robot
    • JTAC/FAC support requests
    • Penalties for killing civilians
    • Automatic NPC escort
    • Deployment to rally points or HALO zones
  • Additional scripted enemy behavior:
    • Automatic QRF deployment
    • Civilians take cover from gunshots
    • Dedicated RPG teams, snipers
    • IED, VBIED and suicide bombers
    • Realistic building search and patrol scripts
  • Ambient world
    • Trash lays across the roads
    • Animals roam the landscape
    • Birds flock to the sky from trees when startled
    • Mosques play the call to prayer
    • Logistics system to interact with objects




A group of western sympathizers have been rounded up for persecution by militant forces. Ambush their captors and release at least four of the individuals to maintain your presence in the area.


A militant officer will start erasing the hard disk drive of an important laptop when you are detected nearby. Eliminate him before he is successful at clearing the data.


Escort a player as the engineer class to the damaged logistics vehicle and have them use the toolkit to repair it. The NPC driver should safely return the asset to base, it doesn't need an escort.


Intercept, snatch and extract a high value target from an armed militant vehicle. The asset can be easily identified by his blindfold and earmuffs. A pair of ziptie handcuffs are essential to escort him.


The fly boys have requested you insert a JTAC/FAC to mark a militant bunker with red smoke for JDAM strike. There will be 2 mikes between target designation and impact for your team to withdraw to a safe distance.


Secure flight data from a downed MQ-4A Greyhawk drone. Get to the crashsite before the flight recorder is destroyed - remember to check the countdown timer.


Militants have trapped a civilian contractor (NPC) in a large construction vehicle. Upon detecting your rescue attempt, the militants will set fire to the construction vehicle. Release the civilian before he burns to death and safely extract him.


Eliminate a militant sniper pinning down a wounded US Army infantryman. Find and terminate the sniper at his over-watch position before the solider bleeds to death.



Locate and safely extract a downed helicopter pilot. Evidence of the pilot's location should be obtained from crash-site nearby.


Militants are preparing to launch a rocket barrage against a United Nations forward operations base. Disable the MLRS by eliminating the operator prior to the launch in order to complete this tasking.


Locate and destroy a T-72 main battle tank that is being maintained by militant engineers. Destroy it with anti-tank weaponry or an offmap JTAC support request.


Escort the EOD Technician (NPC) from the staging area to an offroad with a naval sea mine in the tray. Once your team is detected a countdown to the detonation will trigger.


Secure and clear a reported mine field using the Engineer class to deploy canine and robot assets. The map marker indicates how many mines remain active.



Drive the police offroad from the staging area to the marked map location whilst ensuring the safety of both the Security Advisor and his vehicle. The delivery location should be a building in the same grid as the objective map marker.



Locate, rescue and extract a reporter being held captive. Upon the discovery of your rescue mission, the executioner will start a kill clock.


Drive the United Nations Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) from the staging area to the crashed C-130 Hercules and use the logistics system to return six cartons of scattered aid supplies to the truck. Your tasking will be considered a failure if the HEMTT is destroyed. Supplies are found nearby the crashsite and in nearby buildings.



Eliminate a militant warlord before he escapes. The target will run to a parked Mi-8 helicopter from a nearby building when you approach the target location. Eliminate him directly or destroy the chopper after he is onboard.




Airburst Artillery



Dynamic Area of Operation



Call in support missions to hold back the militants and keep logistics in check.



Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) plays an essential part in several objectives.



Tools such as grappling hooks can provide an advantage when executing an operation.



Militants fight with any weapons they can muster such as pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles.



Keep an eye out for suicide vehicles which boast improvised explosives.






v2.0 - October 6, 2019

* Public release


v2.1 - TBA

* Will include hot-fixes for issues found after public release.

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Great!! I loved to play DICE back in 2015. Glad to see a sequel :)


Unfortunately I'm not with the online unit anymore due to a longer break from Arma. You wrote that players could be from 1 to 24. So I could run it on my own for now?

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Absolutely you can run it in Singleplayer, though you may want to make some edits to give yourself AI teammates.

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Firstly, thank you so much for putting all this time in. I feel bad there has not been much of a response. I've played this a lot that I'd like to start running it on a server with a few of my friends. Do you have any plans to move your assets over to a steam workshop, as it just helps manage the file version and means everyone can get the mods without too much trouble via the launcher - it also means randoms can join and get to experience this awesome mission.

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Haha no problem at all mate. It was developed for private use however I thought I may a well share the love :)


I will certainly look at moving @DICE to steam however it shouldnt need many changes due to it mostly being sound files. The other mods are already all from the Steam workshop:

  • CBA
  • ACE
  • RHS US (+ ACE Compatibility)
  • RHS RU (+ ACE Compatibility)
  • CUP Terrains Core

Shoot me a PM if you want assistance with any customizations to run on your server.

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Having a bit of an issue. I am hosting on my local machine, however when my friends try to join they will spawn in and after about 30-40 seconds, will keel over and then get "Mission complete" and get sent back to the unit selection. Any suggestions?

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On 12/3/2019 at 12:19 PM, Vonhellthing said:

Having a bit of an issue. I am hosting on my local machine, however when my friends try to join they will spawn in and after about 30-40 seconds, will keel over and then get "Mission complete" and get sent back to the unit selection. Any suggestions?

Under functions\CONFIGURATION.sqf:

// True mods are required to play and false blacklists that mod. Optional mods should be left out.
DICE_configPatches =
	// Essential DICE
	[	"cba_main",						"CBA"						,	true		],
	[	"ACE_MAIN",						"ACE"						,	true		],
	[	"CUP_Core",						"CUP Terrains Core"			,	true		],
	[	"DICEMOD_OCTOBER2019",			"DICE Extra Files"			,	true		],
	[	"rhs_main",						"RHS RU"					,	true		],
	[	"rhsusf_main",					"RHS US"					,	true		],
	[	"ace_compat_rhs_afrf3",			"RHS RU COMPAT"				,	true		],
	[	"ace_compat_rhs_usf3",			"RHS US COMPAT"				,	true		],
	// Blacklisted
	[	"gm_characters_gc_characters",	"Global Mobilization"		,	false	],
	[	"vaa_arsenal",					"Virtual Arsenal"			,	false	],
	[	"mcc_sandbox",					"MCC Sandbox"				,	false	],
	[	"task_force_radio",				"Task Force Radio"			,	false	],
	[	"acex_main",					"ACE X"						,	false	],
	[	"ALIVE_main",					"ALIVE"						,	false	],
	[	"SSPCM",						"SSPCM"						,	false	],
	[	"BloodSplatter",				"BloodLust"					,	false	],
	[	"BloodSplatterLITE",			"BloodLust Lite"			,	false	],
	[	"X39_MedSys_Items",				"XMEDSYS"					,	false	],
	[	"AGM_Medical",					"AGM"						,	false	],
	[	"ARP_Objects",					"ARP"						,	false	],
	[	"tmr_core",						"TMR"						,	false	],
	[	"TPW_MODS",						"TPW"						,	false	],
	[	"xdf",							"XDF"						,	false	]

Get them to check the coloured text on the right side of their screen, if there is any in red or blue they are either missing mods or running blacklisted ones. You can also edit the text above to change the requirements.

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Yepp, feelsbad.. Both mission & "DICE Extra Files" links are dead.
@Kushluk Any chance we could get that made available again? ❤️

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Hi there, I'd love to play this mission again, can you upload it again please, I'd like to have somewhere to download it

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