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English teaching with Arma 3 - Recruiting/hiring realism/role-players for a unique project

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Hello everyone,

For the past few months I've been working (researching) with several volunteer adult students to re-purpose Arma 3 for language teaching purposes, specifically English teaching in my home country of Israel.

I've also tried other games at the process but my focus was on Arma 3 since it's the most modifiable and gives the most control to the creator. Here's a 2 minutes video of selected clips from some of the recorded sessions I ran with the volunteer students:



Now I'm looking to take teaching with Arma 3 to the next level, which as I see it is to create more role-playing/realistic scenarios to the player with more than just me, but with other players. The idea is to immerse the player in an English speaking environment with an interesting ongoing storylines, and when there is more than one voice (so far it's been just mine) it helps tremendously to the immersive feeling (lingual-wise). If successful, this project that will seek BI's approval for monetization. All sessions would be recorded and uploaded on youtube.


The main requirement at the moment is being a native English speaker (or native-level speaker). General experience with Arma 3 and participation in realism mods is also preferable. 


I started a discord channel for the effort. If I won't reply right away no fret. I take this project very seriously and I will reply. Here is the link:




PS. This is not a discussion topic but a recruiting topic, please don't reply with philosophy/opinion column unless you have a question.

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