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Obj 94 OPTRE Event

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Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1874469783
*First Time making a public mission*
OPTRE Event was originally only for my server but I was proud enough to release it to the public.

OPTRE Event is a short but sweet MP Objective type mission where you fight against Insurrectionists as they to gain intel on you to take you out. Follow out with the objectives and collect their intel to gain an upper hand and defeat them from Altis once and for all. All while defending your Mobile Command Vehicle.

Base Design:

You have vehicles ranging from Warthogs to Pelicans all which respawn on destruction. 
List of All Vehicles: 

  • MG, Gauss, AA, Guided Missle, Troop Transport Warthogs (12 Total)
  • Scorpians / Grizzly Tanks (6 S / 3 G)
  • An Elephant (Mobile Command)
  • Hornets (2)
  • Falcons (3)
  • Pelican
  • MED, Resupply, Repair Trucks (10 Total)
  • APC's (3)

You Have 2 Roadblocks 1 on each Entrance (1 Spawn for Each) and 2 Entrances / Exits at your FOB (Main Spawn) with 1-3 Arsenal Crates at each location.  

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