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J. Bowlin

3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment Promotional Recruitment Posting

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 Hello all readers, It is our pleasure to announce the beginning of recruitment for the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Here at the battalion, we strive on our story-based deployments to guide a well crafted timeline, unlike other units. Just finishing a deployment to Kunduz, Afghanistan, we are getting ready for our next deployment to an undisclosed area to the public. We are in need of many people to help us execute weekly operations both in and out of game. Whether it be staff operations, or deployment operations.

Current Status: In Garrison

Unit Schedule:

Sunday: No mandatory unit activities

Monday: Unit Training @ 2000 EST

Tuesday: No mandatory unit activities

Wednesday: Unit FTX @ 2000 EST

Thursday: No mandatory unit activities

Friday: No mandatory unit activities

Saturday: Unit Operation @ 2000 EST


Age of 16 or older

Working Mic and legal copy of ArmA III

Understanding of unit timeline and story


Teamspeak Address:

Discord Link:


Webiste under construction

Thank you for your time to read this and to check us out! This post will be updated weekly with new material to showcase the unit brotherhood and progress. 

Rangers Lead the Way!

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