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Trigger to end mission when all opfor and ind units are eliminated in the mission.

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I didn't have problems with the methods I wrote.

Anyway, if MEH fails for what ever reason, replace it by this unique trigger:


trigger none, none, server only, no area, not repeatable

in cond field: allUnits findIf {side _x in [EAST,INDEPENDENT]} == -1

in on act field: "EveryoneWon" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer


Tested as usual.

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Gentleman. When it comes to mission design there are many different ways. Some people design missions ultra realistic or very arcade-ish and  somewhere between the two. I have been making missions since 2005. Yes my scripting knowledge is limited but my mission design setup and test playing is well above average. My missions are very calculated almost down to the last rocket needed for for armor. My missions are usually involve a few zones in a reasonable AO this mission is only 2000 by 2000 meters with three zones active using mostly GAIA for AI movements and a lot of editor placed guard waypoints. I use JEBUS for all my spawn needs. 


I have 35 groups with 215 units active in the zones some of the groups will respawn back into the mission a distance away from the AO. Three zones three tasks to stop the reinforcements coming back into the zones about half of the units will eventually return to the AO if  a certain area is not reached, radio operator is killed and a tower is destroyed. 


I don't like to play with units spawning in once you reach a zone. Like the whole mission to be connected. There is no right way to complete the mission but each zone will help the other with some of its units. The zones either overlap or very close to each other. 


I appreciate all your comments and suggestions but when it comes to mission design I'm pretty good with that. I just want to figure out a way to end the game with one trigger or setup a serverinit.SQF. 



All the suggestions above do not work the only one that works is using the three triggers which I'm already use it. But I would like to know how I can do it using a different approaches. 

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Now, basic script/trigger should work also.

So, the next step is to understand how many effectively indep/opfor units are remaining when you are supposed to win. Perhaps are you using some modules/logics/headquarters/hidden units which are sided and counted as remaining units. Test that in console - watch lines:

{side _x in [EAST,INDEPENDENT]} count allUnits


If not zero when you are supposed to win, that's an explanation.

For further help, upload/publish your scenario.

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