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Steam Not Seeing Arma/Updating All Mods

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So every once and a while -usually after a CTD type event, Steam will not see Arma 3 as installed even though the files/data are clearly there on my hardive. I think it stems from fact of two different hardrives in usage, both with a Steam Arma folder (i dont know why) as one carries alot of mod folders, the other the base Arma exe and Workshop files. So again, every once in  a while Ill restart PC and Steam will go about a literal 5 hour event of basic reinstalling all the mode (even though files are there in workshop folder). Any known remedies for this most wasteful use of GB transfers?


Edit: Literally have to delete mod folder (169 GB) so i have room to re-install them all as it states they are corrupted..

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Hey Froggy,


no you don't! Do this to fix it:


  • Logout of STEAM and ARMA 3 Launcher
  • Goto your X:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\ folder where X is the local HDD/SSD
  • RENAME the 107410 to mods or something
  • Log back into STEAM ONLY
  • Goto the ARMA 3 WORKSHOP and click on Your Workshop Files near the middle right side of the STEAM client.
  • Click on Unsubscribe From All
  • Close STEAM client after it does its update. It THINKS it deleted all your ARMA 3 mods, but it is still there if you renamed the folder.


Now rename 107410 back to 107410

  • Load Steam
  • Load ARMA 3 client
  • In ARMA 3 Client, click on ...More, then ADD WATCHED FOLDER
  • point it to the 107410 folder
  • It will show up all of your mods.


Now anytime one of the mods has been updated, goto Workshop and resubscribe to it. It will download and patch up the existing files.


No need to resubscribe and waste bandwidth until the mod has been updated or corrupted. You can use ARMAholic to check for updates or these forums.


I've done this many times now to fix the STUPID steam workshop issues. They need to fix it on their backend to deal with all the mods, especially the mods that have been deleted off the workshop but users still had it subscribed.


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