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Base Building 2.0

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Hey guys,
As some of you know, I worked on a base-building mod some time ago. Unfortunately I could not continue it, due to temporal reasons. But now I have time again and can continue the project. =D

Since Exile provides a good template for building bases, I'd like to add more objects and features.





Further models in progress


- double gate

- elevator

- metal grids

- furnace

- anvil

- ...



So I have a few questions, because my script skills are limited.


I would like to insert build-points and remove the limited number of placeable objects. 



wall - 4 points

floor - 4 points

half wall - 2 points

campfire - 1 point


if the server-owner now says, at base-level 1 there are 50 build points, so only a maximum of 12 walls / floors can be placed or 50 campfires or 25 half walls or 6 floors and 6 walls. Does anyone how to change the database entries and can rewrite scripts accordingly?

I think that this method prevents the ill-considered placement of large objects and everyone has to think carefully about what his base should look like.



the second question would be if someone agreed to sacrifice his test server?😅

Yes, I could do it myself, but I would be happy about independent test persons and thus remove any remaining errors in time. And if someone has ideas, I would like to implement them.


I will offer several versions


- only replacement (Exile) and new objects

- standalone + completely new objects + build-points + blueprints + ....


I hope there are a few who want to join the project so that the Mod Exile continues to grow his community.



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Nice that you continue your work ^^ But i don't think the step with the "build points" is necessary, it would just rescrict the creativity and people would build even more boring bases than they do right now.

For testing you can ask me anytime, we run a big community and my local test server is always ready.

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Hey @RaVeN103.  Good to see you back. Try speaking english from now on, since it's the BI forums rules and requirement. 
I must agree with @El' Rabito here, don't really see how points system can make players to not use the "ill-considered placement of large objects".  It will degrade the rest of base building, will require a complete rewrite of exile database enquiries , database manipulation, adding new parameter per config for each model [points] , changing the configs of an already existing and used from other mods models, etc.
What you can do to reduce the immersion breaking bases is:

1) If you use EBM on your server , just remove the massive structures from loot pool or the crafting menu. Problem solved.
2) If you don't like the flying in air , gigantic and massive bases limit the objects can be built per level and limit the base maximum height. Problem solved.

As for creativity, well... you can't control what players build with the parts you provide 😉

As for the other idea, I think thats what DesolationRedux have at the moment. You place a prefab skeleton of your future structure and you add materials. Until you meet the requirements.

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I looked at the code from exile and at the config of the objects from exile and ebm. Maybe we can add snappoints to the frame and then let players snap the wall parts to the frame (With the option to upgrade each part). (Downside would be a higher object count, so maybe make it semi modular)
For the destruction it would be still like the default behaviour, 3 breaching charges will destroy the whole object. Everything else would make no sense and would only mean much more work and problems.

You can add me on discord and we can have a talk.
AeoG | El'Rabito#5701

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Wow ! It looks good! 


I am seeing on Steam that you are working to implement an elevator? That sounds amazing at the very least.


Keep it up with it, it looks awesome!

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yes, unfortunately, arma has problems to updating the position of the player and the vehicles, but we are already working on a script that makes it possible.😉

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The project is ready soon... at least for wood and reinforced😅

some specification

  • Exile-Wood-Constructions were exchanged
  • more snappoints were added (example "Below Wall")

  • Textures have been redesigned

  • 3 custom lods per model (example Wood_Wall - LOD0: 770 Faces, LOD1: 224 Faces, LOD2: 80Faces)

  • 3-4 Shadow LODs per model (example Wood_Wall - LOD0: 680Faces, LOD1: 376Faces, LOD2: 120Faces, LOD3: 12Faces)

  • Add View Geometry so that the ai do not see you😉

  • Add Phys Geometry for better collisions with other "phys geometry objects" (like vehicles)

  • different _co-texture resolutions for the custom lods (LOD0: 2048, LOD1: 1024, LOD2:512), _nohq (LOD0: 2048, LOD1: 1024, LOD2:512), _smdi (LOD0: 1024, LOD1: 512, LOD2:0), _as(LOD0: 1024, LOD1: 512, LOD2:0),

  • Custom_Paint Selection for Base Painting (Like SM or DonkeyPUNCH)

  • You can choose (as server-owner) if you, like in exile, place a complete wall or start with the frame, fill it with wood-planks and then upgrade with the "Fortification Upgrade"

  • Windows can only be opened from the inside, it does not need a codelock

  • Some doors have small windows that can be opened from the inside, independently of the codelock

  • Doors or gates have doorknobs/doorhandles which are animated

  • a bigger gate for cargo trucks

  • add an elevator

  • add a furnace

  • add a anvil

  • add a workbench for craft metal-parts

  • And more features that I already forgot😂


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Every time you put more pics it looks more impressive.


Do you know when this update will be ready more or less? I have a private server with friends and I would like to test it. No hurry, take the time it needs xD


Good work!

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only 4 files need to be inserted into the customcodes.  If you have already changed these, you only have to insert a few codeblocks.


the objects can be used as an addition to exile, so no changes are necessary.


or there will be a database script that exchanges the exile objects.


So Very Easy for everyone 😉

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4 Customcode overrides and two arrays to config.cpp of the mission file. If you want it like in the video (Upgrading the frame with an extra upgradekit while still being able the reinforce Exile default or even EBM elements) .

ExileClient_object_construction_upgradeShow = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_upgradeShow.sqf";
ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest = "TEST\ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest.sqf";
ExileClient_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionResponse = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionResponse.sqf";
ExileClient_object_construction_upgrade = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_upgrade.sqf";

Config.cpp (That's a bit of a "dirty" way but with my limited skills i found no other way 😅)


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