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So I've encountered many bugs on Vigor but I'm really loving the game.

I've lost a lot of weapons and crowns because of you guys.

I've crafted several G3's and AUR HBART (with plan and high enough crafting table) but it takes my material wait the time but I don't get the weapon...

Also used over 100 coins in matches several times just to be disconnected from your servers (not problem with my internet since my friends experience this at random as well)

hoping you guys do something about this.

Best regards 

Joachim Bay aKa SoTzy

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Yeah in the past few days I’ve had the same happen even after making a micro purchase and yet when I pointed it out to them I was told just to post here I’ve lots so much from loading and being disconnected or the game crashing it just makes it frustrating and puts me off 


cheers kyle gt- Rz Reapers

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