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Suggestion to make this easier and also more fun

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I recently tried to play this mini DayZ game of yours again but unfortunately there are still this old problems that this game is just to hard and more frustrating than fun so nothing really changed at all...


I like to post here some problems I've noticed what need to change or improve in my opinion and maybe this will move you developers to do something:


- Zombies are to fast and discover you before you really have the chance to avoid them - same for this wolves.

- inflicted damage to high if you take hits but also if you use your weapons there is just way to less damage your equipment can take to get ruined. By 100% most of the time only four hits and its pretty rare you find something what really got 100% or even more than 50%

- to less loot - alot places you can loot (what by the way aren't many at all) are also empty and have absolutly no or really bad loot (useless stuff).

Even with good cloth and the absolute rare luck to find a bagpack to less slots/ room for loot - by the way if it get's destroyed it becomes useless

- it's just to hard to survive even in Beginner difficulty in Veteran just impossible

- all items are named "0"


I really recommend to the developers to play this game themself to get a feeling for the game and necessary improvements and changes you can and have to add.

Even that the idea is great and there also some positive points it's not possible for me to recommend the game because it's just to hard and frustrating to survive (no chance to survive)

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