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Video Options - changes for better performance?

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I would like to ask you about some changes to get better performance?


My computer

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8c/16t

GPU: Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz 

SSD: Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus

OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit


I play on 1920x1080 with Vsync On. (i dont have display with FreeSync)

(My Video Options Pic)

Basically I didnt any changes in the Video Options - autodetect on first Arma3 start?


I get about 20-60 FPS based on the situation, i played several SP missions. (i know 60 is capped by Vsync)

I would like to make it more stable around the 60.

I tried Editor on Livonia, placed myself in some town, set daytime to night and when i start it i never get above 50 FPS.


I also noticed that CPU usage never goes more than 25%.

I set some parameters in launcher settings (Settings Pic) - to use more of CPU, but nothing changed.


* For FPS measuring I using Radeon Overlay.

* I update GPU drivers regularly.


Thank you for any advices/comments.

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Use JUST CPU Count or Enable Hyper-Threading not both at the same time because:


Enables the use of all logical CPU cores for parallel tasks processing. If your CPU does not support Hyper-Threading or similar technology, this parameter is ignored. When disabled, only physical cores are used.
Note that enabling this parameter may slightly improve or harm the performance depending on a scenario. This parameter may be overriden by -cpuCount so if you want to use the maximum number of CPU cores use "-enableHT" without "-cpuCount".



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do not use "-cpuCount"
usually arma3 detects that value from the operation system

so there is no need to set it manually

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@Morthen Just to builds on advice from @Horus and @maquez, if you want the best performance in A3, I advise disabling most start-up parameters because (since 2014's Nexus Update) A3 does much better job of recognising your CPU's ability.

But if you want to be be certain, the best way is to run a benchmark (YAAB), record the results, modify your start-up parameters, re-run the benchmark and then compare the results.

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apart of these startup parameters you should not use any others
"-noSplash", "-noLogs"


and the follow parameters do depend on your CPU architecture
"-enableHT", "-hugePages"

many make the big mistake and do set in game options, crazy high view distances
for a smooth and performant multiplayer experience you should not exceed the view distance over 2'000m - 3'000m,

on very high populated servers you should go even lower


feel free to use my settings as an example:
I7 6700K - GTX 980 TI - ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming - HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz


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As far as video options are concerned, I suggest the use of the Old Bear method ™😎 and a look at some interesting posts in the  Will-my-pc-run-Arma3? What cpu/gpu to get? What settings? What system specifications? thread.

On the other hand, I am testing  Ryzen-based configurations rather intensively.
I am currently publishing my current tests on CanardPC's Arma3 forum about a R5 3600X config ... "Jouer à Arma3 avec un AMD R5 2000/3000 : Armaverse Battleship" ... of course, it's in French, but there are more images than text.

Based on my experience as an Arma 3 player and tester, to play Arm3, a Ryzen CPU is not the best solution because of the difficulty of the processor to increase in-game frequency.

At the moment, this difficulty is accentuated by the release by AMD of BIOS accompanied by AGESA which limit the performances

There is another problem with the RX 5700 cards.
The performances recorded in the tests with a RX 5700 are worse than the ones I get with a RX 570, which is frustrating to say the least ... and I am currently investigating the issue.


Edited by oldbear
English is not my maternal language, but you had already get it

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