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Duo loaded in Solo lobby?

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I'm playing Solo, hit Quick Play and then in the pregame booster screen with all the players, I see two out of the ten fellow players have a blue plus icon in the corner of their picture. Later in game these two players killed me and I proceeded to spectate this duo kill others, scoop the crate, and both escape with their lives.


I haven't been able to find any official rules or game descriptions to explain how two people teamed up in Solo; is this allowed or is it a glitch, etc etc?

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Hi goombz,

If there is a shortage of players for a single player encounter, then any duo's waiting for an encounter will be included.

It's happened since duo's were added to the game.

It happens most during off peak times, but can happen spuriously depending on how many outlanders are waiting to play.

When it happens it does give them a distinct advantage, but solo players have taken duo's out before now.


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