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Finders Keepers PvP | Survival | DayZ | Zombies | Roaming AI | Exile | Chernarus

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Finders Keepers
We are a survival PvP server with a strong emphasis on Balance and Progression. Our community is pretty friendly and welcoming of newcomers, but PvP and banditry is encouraged so guard your belongings! Our admins are very active and server development is being done daily to fix as many bugs as possible as well as bring new features to the community.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BNKMCZC

Got questions about the server? Ask away here or on Discord. 🙂





 - Zombies (hordes included)
 - Roaming AI (Vehicle Patrols only -- no foot or air patrols)

 - Day/Night Cycle (3hrs Day/1hr Night -- 'Vote Day' is disabled, Bambis spawn with NVG)

 - No starting Poptabs/Respect (Money/Respect are not hard to farm, just takes some effort)
 - No MG / 9.3 / .338 Suppressors (sacrifice stealth for power)

 - 2215 Enterable Buildings (no DS Houses mod required!)
 - Radiation Zone (requires Exile Gas Mask to enter)

 - Black Markets (player-controlled trading)
 - Vehicle Claiming with Codelocks (works on Roaming AI vehicles as well!)

 - SafeZonePlus Anti Theft System (protects against vehicle + vehicle inventory theft)

 - TraderPlus Trader GUIs (includes Search Bar + 3D Preview)

 - Anti-Float Protection (attempts to save players from dying to 'float' animation bugs)
 - Repair + Hotwire while in Combat
 - Custom Monthly Leaderboards

 - Custom Stronghold Missions

 - Custom Vehicle Crafting
 - Custom Crafting Recipes (+ thoroughly organized Recipe Cookbook XM8 app)

 - Custom Deconstruction Recipes (break objects down into parts to use as you see fit)

 - Custom Map Edits
 - Custom Loot Tables

 - Missions

 - Capture Points

 - Shipwrecks
 - Crate Hunts

 - DayZ Style Heli Crashes
 - Vehicle Towing
 - Heli Lifting
 - Vehicle Salvage (retrieve corpses from wrecked vehicles)
 - Crate Selling at Waste Dumps
 - Status Bar
 - Deploy Bikes
 - Deploy Quads
 - Parachute from 300+ meter height
 - Halo Parachute + Ground Spawning

 - In-Game Informational Billboards for new players

 - 64bit support for better server performance

 - APEX/Laws of War/Contact DLC content is available in Loot Tables and Traders





 - Vector Building

 - Base Restoration Service (Forgot to make a payment? Going on vacation? We can fully restore your base if it despawned)

 - Mobile XM8 Raid/Protection Notification Service (Discord/Android)
 - Exile Server Manager Discord Service

 - Free Base Protection Payments

 - Base Painting

 - 15 meter Height Restriction (5 stories high - no giant tower bases)
 - Restricted Base Building on or near Military (1000m), Industrial (500m), or Castle areas (500m)
 - Paying the Stolen Flag Ransom automatically Restores your Flag

 - Chopping Wood automatically loads wood into nearest vehicle

 - No Base Spawning (it's too OP for larger groups)

 - Abandon Territory to re-plant flags or ditch/pack up unwanted Territories




 - Custom Door Grinding (Concrete Doors/Gates + Metal Doors are immune to Door Grinding)
 - Safe/Container Hacking

 - Flag/Virtual Garage Hacking

 - Flag Stealing

 - Custom Breaching Charge Recipes




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Greetings my Exile-friends!.


i can totally recommend this Server if you like a good balance between PvE and PvP, this is gonna be your server.

You always find some players to do some PvE missions together or you can just do some lonesome pvp action. It's up to you but you can find lot of stuff for your playstyle.

AI Missions / Roaming is sometimes badass but gives you a great feeling if you get something done. Its not to hard but you cant go straight in there and kill everything. You need a kind of a plan.

The custom crafting is really complex and you can spend a week easily in just trying to craft some armored vehicle or anything else.

The Admins are super active and in the last days / weeks there was felt everyday a Update / bugfix and they really take their time to talk with the community and listening to them what they want.

And if you totally new to arma or exile we have enough players who will give you a hand in the beginning.


Hope to see some of you there!.



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If you like PVP and PVE action but hate getting blown away by people in tanks and attack helicopters this server is a great place.
There are a lot of different missions and the Owner is always developing new features and updating the map, the custom map changes are amazing.

Most players are really friendly and you can always find someone to team up with to do missions or even to play as a group.
There is an awesome system for vehicle crafting, the best ground vehicles can only be crated not bought, but that is not a problem as there are a lot of world spawn vehicles that you can claim for yourself with a codelock, as for helicopters they can be crafted or bought when you have enough respect.
The traders sell most ammo with 0 respect, but as for the guns you will have to loot those yourself 😉
The missions are engaging and some of them give quite a challenge.
Would definitely recommend trying the server.

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To sum up the server: It's a great friggin' server.

A little detail about my experience: 

• The lack of tanks, rocket launchers, and thermal weapons makes this server stand far above the rest. The PvE missions spawn at a great rate and do a fantastic job at keeping the PvP locations constantly changing (Getting sniped by the same guy who camps the same spots at the airfield gets old after a while).

• The admins are super receptive to feedback. It's the only sever I can play on where I can criticize/make suggestions and not feel like all my stuff will be gone next time I log in. Changes/fixes are made frequently and are posted in the Discord "announcements" chat.

• The players are very friendly. Every time I have a question in side chat it's been answered quickly. Everyone is willing to help. You'll find a lot of players willing to team up to help combat hostile groups of players. So matter the size of an enemy group, you'll always have a fighting chance.

• The base raiding have been dialed in to perfection. It's the perfect balance between cost of material, risk of death, and reward. 

Ash and I are currently in a battle to see who can get the furthest kill shot. I apologize in advance if you get caught up in this war we have going. Don't stand still. :wink_o:

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Edit: Guess we should know the nicknames of the server owner 😅

False alarm: I gave the script to muby on discord and i didn't know it was his server.

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Launched Finders Keepers 5.0 on January 5, 2020!
I've updated the main post with any relevant information. We have daily/weekly development taking place, so if you want to see individual patch notes, etc. join our Discord!

Looking for a group or new to Exile? Come on by - we have a friendly and helpful community. 🙂

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