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Get to know - Jakub Špiřík - Graphic Designer

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▶ What do you do on Vigor?
I'm a graphic designer on Vigor, that means I'm making sure that all of the UI is pretty and cool. Also helping with marketing stuff like screenshots, artworks etc.


What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?
Unicorn and Cat T-Shirts


What do you like about Vigor?
That I can choose my playstyle every encounter... go to the match like a ninja or like a mass murderer, or both. And also I love the setting.


What do you want to see in Vigor?
Night and northern lights!


What do you do when you are not making Vigor?
playing games (digital and board), guitar, drums, mandoline, bouzouki, bass, making music, trying to sing, organizing small gaming festival, drawing/painting, making logos, posters, booklets, fonts etc.


Did game dev change your view on the games and how?
Absolutely. When I was younger I was a big fan of urban legends in games and somehow believe them. So game dev ruined it completely :))) And I always somehow knew that making games isn't easy but now as I am gamedev myself, I have much more respect for all the people that are making any games.


Your favorite games and why?
I'm in love with isometric RPGs with walls of text and meaningful lore. I also like when the story is not always "I'm the hero and I'm gonna save the world/galaxy"... so few of my favorites from this genre - Planescape: Torment, Tyranny, Torment: Tides of Numenera and of course Baldur's Gate.
And I also love point'n'click adventures like the Lucasarts and Sierra classic ones or even some new pieces, for example, Unawoved or Lamplight City...
And then Doom, Witcher series, Assassin's Creed series, God of War (the new one), Kingdom Come: Deliverance...
Well.. I have lots of favorite games 


What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?
For the music... I practically listen to everything. From hip-hop to black metal 
Recently I'm enjoying music from the Czech hip-hop label Ty Nikdy, I love the new album from Whitechapel, looking forward to new records from KoRn and Slipknot and yesterday I bought tickets for Floex's concert (Czech electronic artist, he also did some soundtracks for Aminta Design's games)
(oh, and my guilty pleasure is Daler Mehndi! You know! The Tunak Tunak guy!)
As I mostly play games rather than watching movies or shows, I don't have a lot of favorite movies maybe Star Wars, John Wick and Blade Runner and for the shows Red Dwarf and Monty Python.
And books? Witcher series, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Sherlock Holmes novels, Millennium series


Is there something that you want to say to our community?
Thank you that you are with us, you're amazing with all your messages, feedback, screenshots, videos, memes etc. etc. keep it up 


You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?


Bonus Question:
If you could pick any game from the past and do a different key art for it, which would you do, how and why?
wow, tough one... (disclaimer: these are just my humble subjective opinions  )
Maybe for Doom (2016) because of its somehow generic key art with the doom guy, but it was "semifixed"  thanks to the alternate box art with more of the classic Doom vibe (love the artwork for the Doom Eternal btw).
The next one could be maybe Elex from Pyranha Bites... despite I like the game, the artwork is too complex for me, trying to showcase just too many things... (and even contains a spoiler  )
I would rather see some whole overlook of Magalan with the different regions with Jax on the top of the hill in the foreground in his Alb armor.
And the last one... Escape from Tarkov (I know, it's in beta, so it might be changed)... i just don't like raw-ish photographs in video game keyarts or artworks, ruins the atmosphere of the presented game and it's kinda... you know... 90s, 00s


If you are interested in more work from Kuba, you can check his website, Facebook or Instagram!

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