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Spawn Vehicle - Take Off - Delete - Repeat

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Greetings everyone, could you help me pls with that build.

I'm a rookie in Arma 3 Editing. I'm just want to do dynamic AI take off from STRATIS AirBase and after take off they moved to Trigger who delete them, and repeat this every time in Scenario. 

Could you steer me in the right way to build this. Thanks.


What i did.

First: MultiPlayer ModuleRespawnVehicle_F - connect to My Vehicle names FBH - AI unit get in - MovePoint to Trigger 

{deleteVehicleCrew _x} forEach crew; deleteVehicle FBH;},

and they don't respawn, bacause Trigger delete them forever. And i'cant find any replacement to this function for my build.

And second : i dont know how to respawn units. 


Please treat with understanding.

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The helper location was kinda vague. Click "Props", "Signs", "Helpers", and pick any you like. Double-click and un-check "Show Object" in its object special properties.

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This didn't go super-well (and apparently it's a tank) so instead,

In the init file paste,

execVM "tankScript.sqf";

and tankScript.sqf,


if (!alive atank) then {

aTANK= createVehicle ["B_MBT_01_CANNON_F", tankMARK getPos[ 0, getDir tankMARK ], [], 0, "NONE" ];
    createVehicleCrew aTANK;
    tankGROUP = group commander aTANK;

    wp = tankGROUP addwaypoint [position deleteTRIGGER,0];
    wp setwaypointtype "LOITER";
    wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED";
    tankGROUP setBehaviour "AWARE";

} else {

    {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach units tankGroup;
    deletegroup tankGroup;
    deleteVehicle aTANK;
execVM "tankSCRIPT";



Finally, in "deleteTRIGGER" On Activation:

removeTANK=[]execVM "tankSCRIPT";

Here's a script file and an epic video,

Have fun!

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