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Mod Icons in Arsenal and Main Menu

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Greetings, i've recently set up a mod with a few other guys and we've got ourselves the base set up alongside a few items that work in game. 

We are looking into adding our small "logo" to it whenever you look in the main menu at the bottom left side of the screen or in the arsenal where for example the DLC icon would be.


We've tried with cfgMods.hpp which is included in config.cpp.

The small logo is 256x256, we made it 128x128 a bit after.


Pastebin config.cpp: https://pastebin.com/4tTp9pch

Pastebin cfgMods.hpp: https://pastebin.com/EXwD796m


We've done all of the above but it seems like its not working. The icons dont show up in game or anything and we dont really get errors about it.

Only error we're getting is that a path can't be found for the icon of the item itself, and by that i mean the helmet icon, or vest icon which is not related to the mod/dlc icon.


Anyone knows what we've done wrong here and could help?


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9 minutes ago, Dedmen said:

Nah afaik that doesn't work
You need a mod.cpp in your @mod folder.


Thanks for the assist so far, we've done that now and our mod.cpp looks like this:


name = TF132;
picture = "logo.paa";
action = "http://discord.gg/83raU7Q/";
hidePicture = 0;
hideName = 0; 


When we get in game it tells us that the logo.paa is not found. I've seen this template on another mod but i was wondering, is the path correct? Perhaps i should add the folder of the mod itself before the logo?


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Hey Mate, got a similar issue as to the one you have with the game thinking i'm missing some PAA files, do you know what you did to fix the initial issue you had? Cheers if you got any ideas.

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