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theBread Sultan

Idea to get more boosters used, and more crowns spent / purchased

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I think something can be done with the price of boosters to increase usage.


The price should be dynamic, based on the amount of people that have purchased a Booster already. Though I can't quite decide if the price should scale up or down.

e.g. scale down:

1st booster 30 crowns

2nd booster 25 crowns

3rd booster 20 crowns

4th booster 15 crowns

5th+ booster 10 Crowns


or scale up:

1st booster 10 crowns

2nd booster 15 crowns

3rd booster 20 crowns

4th booster 25 crowns

5th+ booster 30 crowns



Another way that we could have dynamic booster price, that would result in more crowns being used, given that there is a timed "server reset" every 24 hours, is to scale the price of boosters down, based upon how often they are used in that 24 hour period


1st booster in 'day' 30 crowns

2nd booster in day 20 crowns

3rd booster in day 15 crowns

4th+ booster in day 10 crowns


This would have the bonus of rewarding players for spending crowns, even if they use a booster and get killed. And would encourage them to carry on using boosters.


Insurance booster should remain unaffected by usage.


additionally: at loot level 400% or higher, the vault should contain a small number of crowns, that scale up, depending on the loot level (up to a maximum of 12) - I believe that this combined with the last booster/day price scaling would result in a lot more crowns being spent overall, as players would be encouraged to use boosters, to get to the 10 crown level for the day, so that they could then, in principle, if enough people use a booster, break even, or if everyone did, make a small profit

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