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Freezes all player movement

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Why is it when you get shot that the flinch animation virtually halts ALL player movement? Its fairly easy to lock a player out of having a fighting/fair chance to fight back even if im pushing if they get the first shot it doesnt matter if i have a good/better position. Considering that when being shot in reality adds force and velocity to the point of impact so yh potentially if youre running straight on it would kinda work but to completely freeze me and lock movement? Come on now. I know its bohemia but actually make something that works for once! Your games have so much potential but just like with bethesda and fallout 4, people dont like buggy messes anymore and its losing player counts for so many games. DayZ is literally broken on console and has since launch (with minor times of stableness sprinkled throughout its existence) dont let Vigor fall into the always broken game category. I love this game and want to see it do so well. Address your major issues! 

Connections lost to server repeatedly would help exponentially. 

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