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1. Voice communication proximity.

It would add another heightened sense of realism. As well as make it easier for outlanders to decide if they want to kill or if they want to let live. Another point is that it would be a heavy marketing strategy as rage videos would go viral on social media platforms. 


2. Mod meh gunz!

 Higher tier weapons could include base guns with mods. Example es16a2 is a common gun. But the scoped es16a2 is purple scoped silenced es16a2 is gold. Mods should be random found in vaults or safes. And they need to make sense. Scoped RAK is example of a bad mod. RAK should get a extended mag or grip. Snipers could have a 2x scope. Thermo? Night vision? You get it. To access the mod weapons click the weapon but make a window pop up similar to changing weapons when you're looting. To better explain you'd click the es16a2 as if you were equipping it. Then the window will pop up. Left for base, Right for modded. 


3. Add these new guns

FN SCAR 16, M4, M249(SAW), MP5, Desert Eagle, Barret .50, and the M1216 Shotgun.


4. Custom Clothing Emblems for Crowns

Design your own emblem and apply it for 100 crowns!


5. Team Killing penalty

Now when team killing a teammate on duos an Outlander will receive a red skull icon on their pregame loadout character sheet. Indicating that they have killed a teammate in a recent game. The outlander will have the red skull for 24 hours or until a successful exit without killing a teammate.


6. Communication has your back!

Now when activating the communications, radiation will be visible on the outlanders map. Allowing them to loot all the way to the end.


7. Signal detector buff.

Signal detector now shows your targets gps position for 3 secs after it has been activated.


8. 4v4v4 

Squads. An Outlander can only hold 2 crates in this mode. Quickplay is the only option as to prevent easy 8-12 man group ups


9. An exit to the game application

Yeah bruv....


10. Suggestions and Fixes

Fall damage needs reduced

Stagger needs to be less potent needs a very slight tweak.

Prone is sometimes bugged when nothing is in the way. The Outlander is forced to stand.

Recoil needs reworked with certain guns(PA, A74k, scorpion, vz,) unless modded guns are added and compensator is a available mod. Then a rework wouldnt be needed.

New Clothes for winter terrain


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep up the good work! ~The Truest King

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