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Bugs that need fixing + features to change quality of life

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Firstly, let me point out that i haven't been playing the game long and I constantly switch up between duos and solo to spice up my gaming experience. I currently have donated over 9k food but no one here want to hear that. During my many games i have noticed a few outstanding bugs and downright dirty tactics used that i wish to be fixed to help everyone



There is a major issue with the players hitbox getting stuck in various objects like walls, fences, doors and other objects which render the player completely useless, they can still shoot, look around and aim their gun but that is it, thats all they can do, it happens occasionally when a player goes prone and grinds their head against the obstacle. Had it happen 5 times to me... sad.


Another major issue which i constantly see popping up around here is the instability of the servers. Everyone here has experienced at least 3 times where they get disconnected from servers and loss valuable items like military grade weapons or even airdrops but the real kicker is disconnecting at the beginning where people spend crowns on increased loot rates and better airdrops.

Makes you mad when it happens, its worse that it happenes so often.



I've also discovered a few issues surrounding some aspects of the game that are just wrong and need reworking.


This might be funny to some but it slightly annoys me to see bodies clipping though the earth or twitching. They shouldn't move, they are corpses, not zombies.


There is a challenge in the shooting range to destroy three long distance targets with the silver pigeon. In under 30 second. Firstly. Why.... secondly. A shotgun against targets over 35 metres (roughly 110 feet) its impossible. Remove it or bring the targets closer.


Another issue which very few know about is when deconstructing consumables, it can only do so one at a time, it could take like 15 seconds to deconstruct a massive pile of painkillers but one at a time is literally stealing time away from us, from playing the game. From enjoying the game.


But to finish off the bug reports, ive notuces that the vz 52 has no iron sight indicator when looking down the sight but appears briefly when firing rapidly


Also the skorpion sight is off, way off.

And having a full auto gun keep firing after you let go of the trigger is very frustrating but not game breaking 


But there is an elephant in the room I haven't addressed yet. TEAMKILLING


The community is at a war with each other about teamkilling on wheather or not it should be in the game and there needs to be a punishment for the person committing the offence. I'll get to this soon.


The game is trying to be very realistic when it comes to gunfights, and if you were to shoot your ally well, you shot your ally, why should it be different in a game where the devs are trying very hard to keep it realistic, i say keep it because it makes the person weary on where their ally is and not to shoot them accidentally.


But then there are thoss scumbags that will kill you only seconds into a game of duos with a random to steal all your guns, ammo and make an easy escape with them. This happens 1/4 of all my duos with randoms without fail. Few even have the nerve to shoot me a messenge being cheeking saying, "thanks for the gun"


This is what i would like to see implemented into the game that will kill two birds with one stone


Once the player commits the crime, they should be maked with a traitor symbol instead of the threat symbol, once marked you are constantly revealed on the make as a larger, brighter yellow skull, players can kill the traitor and for those who do will receive a reward of 5-10 crowns (gold coins), this makes it hell for the person who is marked as the attention of all outlanders will be directed to them, if they stay...


Once they player is marked, they will also suffer from an additional penalty for 12 minutes after the kill. That penalty is a 72 hour softban if they choose to leave before their 12 minute timer is up. They would also lose their entire inventory from the encounter as well. 


This also would give players another free version to earn those sweet sweet coins. Which everyone is asking for.


Another small feature that would make the game very realistic but piss a few people of would be to include guns misfiring or hangfiring


Essentially it is exactly as you think it is 

Misfire = fail to fire resulting in the player needing to reload.

Hangfire = a few second delay between pulling the trigger and the bullet actually firing.

Would make the game a little more interesting but i bet there will be too many people complaining about including it.


And that is it. Hopefully a few devs work on these issues and one day is brought to life. This would make vigor better I bet.


See you out there



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Edit. After the newest patch, i've noticed that we can now deconstruct all consumerables of one type. So. Ignore that part.

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I read your suggestion about team killing and and I think your idea is realistic since if it would be like some games where if you try to shoot and your teammate is in the way which would then make you put your gun down, then it would be extremely annoying. The crowns thing could have potential but I feel it would need more to it since i feel like people could easily abuse your crown method by joining the same map at the same time to most likely get in a match together, kill their teammate and then let their friend kill them. It would not be hard for a group to do this and would probably be removed shortly after being added. It is part of the game and I do understand how some people are just cruel about it but not everyone you meet in life will always be fair. Maybe if there was a matchmaking penalty instead it might work but any sort of reward system from killing a team killer will most likely be exploited in this kind of a game.

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I also think people teamkill because they think its the only way to get the threat achievement. Nah, get 4 standard kills and you have done it without being a dick.

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I've also noticed that since a recent update, I havent gotten stuck on an object for a long time so i guess it is patched


Would like the devs to give us better updates on when and what they have tweaked

Just a thought

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