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Bryon K Guenther

Community ideas for the devs to think about!

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Hey guys, i just had a few ideas, or things id like to see come into vigore, some the devs have probably already thought about and or are working on, some have maybe not, so lets share our ideas with them through this thread!


a couple things i would like to see are a few more female body variants, or even possibly a way to customize your own face in the game. I would like to be able to visit my friends shelter, even if while im there it looks like mine, just feel like it would be fun to mess around in the shooting range together. in game feedback button so we can send feed back or bugs to them directly through the game. I would LOVE to see a more intarctive not as boring loading screen, like the one below, i know that this is an older loading screen, and it was changed " for a cleaner and easier to navigate scareen" but i feel this could be done with the same aspect of sitting there with everyone before the match, i think this looks ALOT cooler and fun overall. 



some may agree some may not, but a battle pass of some sort would be pretty rad in this game i feel like with exclusive cosmetics, weapon skins and gestures, with some crowns, maybe food, crates, bundles of mats ( 200 wire 150 nails 100 metal ) could give us something else to grind for other than trying to hopelessly catch up to simpsonfamily in the food leaderboards! 


some funny weapon skin ideas, graffiti.... examples tags with markers, designs or just random colours with spray paint. guns with a bunch of european stickers all over it, maybe like handicap stickers and caution stickers a nuclear waste stickers,. new costmetic ideas, A FULL BLOWN TUX, james bond style...



i have so many ideas, and could go on for ever and ever! wanna hear what everyone else has too! 

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Maybe a personalized shelter that you can change the color paint, flag, etc. I also thought an introduction of wildlife would be a cool idea (like the wolves you always hear in the background) for a source or food or even pelts that would let you craft clothing with. A squad mode 3 or 4 players. Me and my friends talk about this game a lot, its a solid game that i cant seem to stop playing.

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