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Outer Heaven - Story and immersion, with a unique metagame

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Outer Heaven

Are you not interested in units that emulate the real world military? Do you like a PMC style approach? Fan of Metal Gear, weird tech or unique missions? Want to feel like what you're doing in operations actually matters or become immersed in a wider story? Do you just want to play with people who take operations a bit more seriously, but without the usual trapping of 'serious' units like ranks and wasted time?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might find a new home in Outer Heaven.

In-universe, Outer Heaven is a combination PMC and nationstate within the borders of South Africa. Governed and defended by the military force of the same name, it carries out operations and contracts throughout the world with the goal of defending its own borders and expanding its influence.

Our take on what Outer Heaven is was adapted from Metal Gear canon and tweaked to fit what ARMA offers, with a heavy focus on immersion and involvement in a continuous, ongoing story.

 What can we offer you?

-A unique unit structure with multiple vocations to choose from, each contributing to the whole. Do the jobs you want to do without any of the hoops to jump through.

-Achievements, medals and titles to earn in-universe, and an ever-expanding list of ways to track your accomplishments. You'll have things to work toward and show off, so all those operations feel worth it.

-Your own code name!

-A high end dedicated server and modlist that offers plenty of gear, weapon and vehicle options

-A custom R&D system. Earn the gear you want and expand the group arsenal

-Roles based on merit, not cliques or begging.

-A continuous, evolving story shaped by mission outcomes, individual work and player choice.

-A unique take on intelligence gathering, which may involve puzzles, codebreaking, infiltration and even gathering info through interrogation and capturing enemies.

-A chance to reshape the world as a whole! Expand Outer Heaven's borders country by country.

Please note we are strictly 18+ and we require a working microphone to join.

Does this sound like the place for you? Take the first step and join Outer Heaven today!

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