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Testing Arma 3 as a language-learning tool - any volunteers who are language-learners?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for language-learners volunteers for a zues mission I'm running, it can currently be in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Hebrew. We're testing how Arma 3 can be used for educational purposes (following instructions in your target, doing a mission with a storyline, etc with a native speaker). The concept is creating an environment and a story that forces you to speak in the language you're studying. You don't need to be an advanced student, even people with basic knowledge of the language they're studying are welcome; the whole point is trial and error, trying, screwing up, etc... just make sure you have a decent mic.


The availability for it is GMT 20:00 - 24:00, Sunday-Thursday


Occasionally Friday and Saturday would also be possible.


If your target language is not on the list please PM what language you'd wanna see


You can email to larpushka4 (at) gmail.com


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