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Naval Special Warfare Development Group - Red Squadron

"The only easy day was yesterday"
"It pays to be a winner"


DEVGRU Red Squadron is a realism unit based in ArmA 3, We strive to realistically replicate military operations, training, tactical knowledge and systems employed by the United States Navy SEAL's. The unit utilizes real world techniques and training which will help the player become the best of the best.

We recruit anyone who wishes to improve their tactical knowledge and participate in realistic military simulation.


Training Phase

Our training is split up into 7 parts; Indoctrination, BUD/S Part 1, BUD/S Part 2, Parachute Jump School, SEAL Qualification Training, Green Team and Prep Phase (All the below Descriptions are small bulletins from what you may undergo in training, This does not represent the whole training program).


  •     Introduction To Military Courtesy
  •     Introduction To Military Structure
  •     Introduction To Ranks
  •     Introduction To Policies
  •     Gear Issue
  •     Introduction To Facility And Unit History And Culture.

BUD/S Part 1 - Combat Diving

  •     Theoretical SCUBA Skills
  •     Boat Usage
  •     Water Navigation
  •     Underwater Devices
  •     Medical Skills
  •     Long Distance Underwater Dives


BUD/S Part 2 - Land Warfare

  •     Theoretical Infantry Skills
  •     Rifle/Pistol Ranges
  •     Demolitions Proficiency
  •     Formations
  •     Reaction To Contact
  •     Small Unit Maneuvers
  •     Land Navigation
  •     Ambush Planning And Execution
  •     Stealth Techniques
  •     Patrolling Techniques


Parachute Jump School

  •     Theorectical Parachuting Skills
  •     Static Line Drops
  •     Free Fall Parachuting
  •     Parachute Terrain Proficiency


SEAL Qualification Training

  •     Marksmanship
  •     Close Quarter Combat
  •     Aerial Operations
  •     Mobility Operations
  •     Jungle Warfare
  •     Arctic Warfare
  •     Unconventional Warfare
  •     Advanced Maritime Operations
  •     Survival, Evasionj, Resistance, Escape
  •     Sensitive Site Exploitation


Green Team

  •     Combat Readiness Assessments
  •     Building Phase
  •     Team Draft


Prep Phase

  •     Combat Readiness Assessments
  •     Muscle Memory Building
  •     Team Assessment


Individual Specialities

Here at DEVGRU Red Squadron we offer a variety of courses which our players may take to improve their speciality skills and to provide them with a better role within the team.

  •     Sniper/Scout Course
  •     Advanced Close Quarter Combat Course
  •     Special Operations Medical Course
  •     Advanced Driving Skills Course
  •     Advanced Demolitions Course
  •     High Threat Protection Security Course
  •     Instructor School And Master Training Specialist Course
  •     Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator Course
  •     Defensive Language Course
  •     Advanced Special Operations Course



  •     Be over the age of 18.
  •     Own an operating Microphone and Headphones.
  •     Ability to speak and write English at a fluent level.
  •     Ability to integrate quickly into the unit.
  •     Not be an active member of any other MILSIM unit.
  •     Attend the operations and trainings the majority of the time.


How To Enlist

- Fill out the "Recruitment" Form. HERE
- Join the Team Discord. DISCORD

- Join the Teamspeak and talk to a Recruiter.

- Begin your training as a BUD/S Candidate.












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