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Stolen Byte

Difficulty Settings Ignored?

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So, working my way through the entire campaign missions, and im starting to notice something, doesn't matter if i have both sliders full, both at 0, or the usual .7/.33 setup i usually use, nothing seems to change, like at all.

Normally i wouldn't mind and just keep at it until either A) i get better, or B) i get lucky, but this is getting ridiculous now,

Currently trying to do the Tac-Ops missions, specifically 'Fait Accompli' at the minute, but its damn near impossible, havn't yet managed to even get past the very first fkin checkpoint because as soon as i get in range, *EVEN IF I APPROACH PRONE*, myself and my entire squad gets 1-shot sniped...by some random firing through an entire field of bushes, ~500m away, and can't even see me! (I've loaded up SSPCM and looked using Spectator mode & Zeus, and even I couldn't see me from their position....).

Yet our own friendly AI can't hit the inside of a barn door.

So wtf is the deal here? Why have difficulty settings if they're just ignored?


Disclaimer: Its late, and im pissed off, so this post probably has the grammar quality of a 3 year old, sorry 'bout that.


Edit: Forgot to say, no mods, so it's not that at fault 🙂

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Don't know but just put player allowDamage false; in the debug console and execute it, once you're past the difficult situation do player allowDamage true;

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2 hours ago, Stolen Byte said:

 im pissed off

Aye. ArmA will do that to you sometimes quite often.


I see you are new to the forums, not sure if you are new to the game. I'll assume you are and apologies if not.


I've got just over 6000 hours in ArmA III and I have yet to find skill settings that are just right for all scenarios.

I have found that lower precision result in more bullets coming your way increasing the likelihood of getting hit and higher precision bringing a quick death.


Give 0.3 Skill / 0.5 Precision a try.

Move slow, use cover and concealment and keep your eyes open.

When the shooting starts, find the nearest hard cover.

Allow your team mates to work for you... They never get pissed off (Maybe in ArmA IV?).



Have a cuppa tea, and then get back out there!

Good luck.




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