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I am trying to add 5 public Medic slots on top of the already listed Whitelisted slots.

I have this code in the initMedic.sqf :


#include "..\script_macros.hpp"
    File: fn_initMedic.sqf
    Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine

    Initializes the medic..
waitUntil {!(isNull (findDisplay 46))};

if (!(str(player) in ["medic_1", "medic_2", "medic_3", "medic_4", "medic_5"])) then {
    if ((FETCH_CONST(life_medicLevel) isEqualTo 0) && (FETCH_CONST(life_adminlevel) isEqualTo 0)) then {
        ["NotWhitelisted",false,true] call BIS_fnc_endMission;
        sleep 35;

player setVariable ["rank",(FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel)),true];
[] call life_fnc_spawnMenu;
waitUntil{!isNull (findDisplay 38500)}; //Wait for the spawn selection to be open.
waitUntil{isNull (findDisplay 38500)}; //Wait for the spawn selection to be done.



After doing extensive research i have been looking in my mission.sqm file (as directed to from my research) and after scrolling through the 100k so lines have not found where to make the adjustments - add the public medic slots. Am i looking in the wrong file or did i just not see it?


Thank you.



** I have solved it - 

I went back to the Editor and on spawn island i added another 5 Medic Players... Hooked them up to the inital player (the medic_1) (Hold Ctrl select the new player and drag a blue line to player 1) Then i changed players 1 - 5 from whitelisted to public slots (double click on each and changed the text value)... Cheers






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