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Contact: EM scripting

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I was able to get Chemical Detector working, alien signals, gravity pulses and anomalies are all working but I am not able to figure out one thing left - that is the EM device to communicate with AI squads and base.. I tried to reverse engineer the functions to some degree, but the system is so complicated I just couldn't get it to work through multiple ways.

I tried to rip initialization scripts from campaign missions (using debug console, loadFile "init.sqf" and other predefined scripts), but only init.sqf was shown to contain few scripting lines with basic player setup. 


Does anyone here know how the EM is initialized, assigned to AI and manipulated? Or are there any other known files other than init.sqf, initPlayerLocal.sqf and initServer.sqf that may contain any leads?

Or for the best solution, can some of the devs tell me how are the functions used?

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