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Bobby Saville

Various Gunplay Improvements

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The biggest issue with this game that will turn most people away is the horrible gunplay, heres a few ways to improve it:

-Make guns shoot tracer bullets so we know where we are shooting

-Fix glitches like when i crouch and stand up while aiming i get locked into aiming

-Fix hitboxes, sometimes bullets just go straight through people when youre aiming directly at them

-Semi auto guns like the m16 shoots really jittery and clunky, sometimes when you press fire it doesnt register and you just have to spam the fire button but shoot really slowly its hard to explain. edit: there is a delay between input (pressing the trigger) and output (firing the bullet) and its annoying af.

-First Shot accuracy, I think not having this in the game makes it unrealistic to be honest. Plus its really annoying lining up a shot in 3rd person and somehow missing.

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