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Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1979428795



Survive each wave of enemies, that gets harder and harder each wave. Vehicles and snipers spawn in the later rounds. Earn cash from killing enemies that you can spend on upgrading your base, pop-a-perks or support. If you die, you can't respawn until the end of the wave. If all players die, the wave is lost and resets.



Customize your game with parameters
Choose to fight against the AAF (Default), CSAT, NATO, FIA, Syndikat or RHS Russians.
virtual arsenal (unlocked at wave 3)
revive, spectator
custom base and arena
unlockable support (UAV recon, laser guided missile, mortars, artillery, carpet bombing)
custom level system and base unlocks
enemy body armor and vehicles level up each wave
enemy helicopters spawn with snipers on benches
weather and time changes every few waves (customizable)
custom music and sounds


Laser Designated Missile - If you have a laser designator, you can call in laser designated missile strikes after wave 15. You must keep your laser designator on the target until the missile strikes. (There might currently be a bug that removes the missile if you turn the designator off).
Artillery, Mortars, Carpet Bomb - Choose one of the 3 from the support menu and click on the map to rain down fire from above.
UAV Recon - All hostile units will be marked for the remainer of the round. These markers will update every few seconds to track enemy movement.
Rearm - Reapplies last loadout that was equiped when arsenal was closed.
Invisibility - Makes enemies ignore you until the timer expires.
God Mode - Makes you immune to damage until the timer expires.


SHOOTER PERC - Lowers weapon sway and recoil. Located near the box at spawn.
CLUTCH PERC - Speeds up how fast you revive teammates. Located near the hospital.
SPEED PERC - Increases your movement speed. Located on the ground near the main tower.
BEAST PERC - Increase how much damage you can take. Located at the top of the main tower.



(Default of 3 waves per level but customizable)
Night (Dark)



Wave 2 - Heal (Support Menu)
Wave 3 - Virtual Arsenal
Wave 4 - Rearm (Support Menu)
Wave 7 - UAV Recon (Support Menu)
Wave 8 - Medical Healing Building
Wave 9 - Invisibility (Support Menu)
Wave 10 - God Mode (Support Menu)
Wave 11 - Mortars
Wave 15 - Laser Guided Missile
Wave 17 - APC at base
Wave 20 - Artillery
Wave 23 - Tank at base
Wave 25 - Carpet Bombs



HUGE thanks to @Larrowfor help with heli waypoints and the support menu prices.
Also a huge thanks to @killzone_kid for help with the action for buying towers.
Big shouts out to Daxx for the arena compositions
Thanks @austin_medic and @lsd for their composition packs
Thanks @shukofor the random position script
Thanks @kibot for the support scripts from DUWS
Thanks @wogz187 and @pierremgi for help on the forums
Big thanks to Phil, Bruno and Porte for all their patience during testing.
Custom images, sounds and music by @JR Nova.



None but choosing an enemy faction of RHS Russians requires RHS AFRF and GREF



Sometimes an AI group will spawn and not move. If this happens, either you can use the UAV to find and kill them or use the action on the debug laptop at base to advance the level.
No cash reward from destroying vehicles sometimes.
NOTE: You don't get the bonus for completing the wave if you advance with the debug laptop.

To use custom factions, open classNames.sqf and scroll down to "case (6)". You'll need to enter the classnames for enemy clothes, armor, weapons & vehicles. You can add as many items as you want or one, but the arrays can't be left empty or there will be errors.


Github repo: https://github.com/novakoda/Alamo

Could use some help with adding GUI and any features, suggestions, code optimization, etc.

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This mission looks interesting, I subscribed but I cannot find it on the MP missions.

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1 hour ago, subs17 said:

This mission looks interesting, I subscribed but I cannot find it on the MP missions.

Hmm strange, for me it's at the veeerrryyy bottom of the list on Altis. It was like halfway hidden though lol that might be why

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Update! Revamped the entire mission system.

-Added: money system, towers at base now cost money.

-Added: Pop-A-Perc system

-Added: enemy choppers that spawn with snipers on the bench to later rounds

-Added: parameters can now be set by mission host before the game starts

-Added: different enemy factions can be selected

-Changed: enemies starts with pistols for the first wave

-Changed: players now spawn with pistols


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Hello, I'm playing this task with ARMA3 and it works fine, but on a specially managed server (opened via Arma 3sever) , it doesn't work properly.  After entering the game, wave leleve starts at 0 and no enemies appear, I'm confused. Can you give me some advice? 

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