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disableAI not working anymore.

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since.. ever.. we use a framework for our missions. There is an:

disableAI = 1;



Yesterday, we got the actual Patch.
Now, all missions instantly fail on start with "Mission failed!" screen.
So we start investigation what possibly could have gone wrong. After several hours, we found out that disableAI is causing this missbehavior.
So we stop using it. Now.. we have several follow-up problems.

1. Login as Admin on Server an click "Disable AI" Button while slotting:
--- Result 1: Sometimes AI spawns. And don't care about the option.

--- Result 2: The AI don't spawn. Wich is nice.
--- Result 3: The AI spawn.. walk around for about 10 seconds and fall down to death.


2. JIP don't works anymore. All late-comers start as birds that aren't able to move or click.

3. Respawn is not working if AI walk and die. Because their slots are dead and can't be occupied anymore.


This behavior only apply on the dedicated Server. In "Local Multiplayer" (play -> Multiplayer) everything works like a charm.

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