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NAe Sao Paulo (A-12) Aircraft carrier [Updating]

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NAe Sao Paulo (A-12) Aircraft carrier is a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier serving the Brazilian Navy. In 2013 was released in Arma 3 alpha version for MOD BRAZILIAN ARMED FORCES, our friend TeTeTe3 gave great support to this project, we are back to continue this great challenge.


















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Nice! Are there any mods with the A-4 to complement it?

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First of all, i like where this mod is going and have much expectation for it. But why there's so many errors? Not a modder myself and don't have any knowledge on Arma modding and scripting, and that being said, can i ignore these errors and play with it?

As of now there's two errors at the main menu (when starting the game for the first time), one when i place this apc cascavel in Eden, and one when i place the Jeep. 

I has jet dlc and tested with only Brazilian Armed Forces mod loaded. 


Errors, or should i say pop-ups?


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Hey Makad, 

I was trying to reach somebody via the BAF-Discord to help me out with some questions regarding the F-5e Tiger and a nice guy named LeoFallow told me to get in contact with you.

I was able to fix all of the error messages popping up when spawning or flying the F-5. I did this mainly for private purposes but I was wondering if you guys/the devs might be interested in the updated files?

Kind Regards!

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