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Public Zeus sessions player corruption

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Dislaimer: This is my first discussion written on the arma 3 forum, so if im not the correct place, please tell me. 


Okay so here is the problem.

I have been playing on public zeus servers for a long time and for the most i really enjoy them. The community is great and the missions are always fun. But over the months i have seen way too many corrupted players getting in control of admin and kicking people for no good reasons. Just today (the reason mostly im writing this topic). I saw a player who completly abused the admin power and kicked people without as much as a single warning. People who just joined the session were kicked for not following dress code, even though they have no way of knowing what is going on. They got kicked. Then later when we feared a hacker might have joined the server. The admin began kicking almost everyone. They said they removed the people they didn't recognized, but many were players who had been there forever. They then started saying anyone who dosen't have a mic gets kicked automaticly, because then they are hackers. I started questioning them, saying they were being discriminating, and the admin said as followed: "What are you gonna do about it". And not 10 sec after I was kicked myself. Because I went against them i guess, for saying the truth about their actions. Many people were with me on this one. Im guessing they were kicked too.

So my point is. Is this fair? Should these players be allowed to continue playing online arma? I just mostly want to know what can be done about this. Because its gonna destroy this greate community and game.

Hope this brings up attention and thank you for reading. Hoped i posted it the right place.

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BI official servers tend not to be policed that well. You need to find a community server run by hardened fans with a good reputation.

One with good admin cover

Like any game out there in the publicly easily accessible environment, this type of behaviour is typical

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