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E-Squadron, 22SAS (UKSF Realism Unit)

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E-Squadron, 22SAS

E-Squadron are a military simulation unit based around Bohemia Interactive's military sandbox 'Arma 3.'

We aspire to employ realistic tactics from the British armed forces to provide an authentic UKSF experience to our enlisted players. We play two dedicated operations per week on both Tuesday & Sunday from 1900 GMT.



The air troop of E-Squadron are the main force of the unit. vigorously trained for special operations in various terrains they gain their name from their air infil training including but not limited to, HALO/HAHO & static line jumps. 

Made up of 4-6 man 'patrols' positions offered include;

- Patrol Commander

- Point Man (Breacher)

- Explosive Specialist 

- Combat Medical Technician

- Marksman

- LMG Gunner


J.S.F.A.W (Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing) is the main logistical & combat aid to the squadron. Making use of such aircraft as the CH-64 (Chinook), Merlin & Wildcat air-frames they can expect to be deployed alongside the ground forces in order to provide transport, close air support and much more.

With 2-4 players per aircraft positions offered include ;

- Pilot

- Co-Pilot

- Air Crew

- Gunner


UKSF Selection

In order for E-Squadron, 22SAS to find the ideal candidates to form the personnel that makes up our patrols, attachments & air support, we employ a selection process to provide the E1/7 Offices with the best image of any given recruit. Whilst the selection slightly differs from real UKSF selection in order to be applicable to the context of the game, we do aim to make the selection process as realistic as possible. 

Please note: If you are thinking of enlisting, it is worth noting that selection is not training. We will expect you to be somewhat familiar with basic infantry skills.


- Selection candidates must be 18 years of age or older at the start date of their selection process.

- Selection candidates must own legal & valid copies of Arma 3 & Apex Expansion

- Selection candidates must be able to attend two weekly operations at 1900 GMT/BST (Tuesday & Sunday)




Website http://www.esquadron.uk


TeamSpeak : ts.esquadron.uk

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