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Vigor Companion app

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Hello yall

I might have a little fun idea for a little more interaction with Vigor even offline.


So my idea was to make a Vigor app for basicly just as a companion.

Meaning like for example,

im upgrading my antenna to lvl 2 and it takes some time. Now during the day i live the father life so not alot of time for gaming but i would love to now if its gonna be finished when i get back. Or even when i see my upgrade is done i can quickly get on and start a new long during upgrade.

And an overvieuw of your materials and weapons and etc... . 

And also add a notification to it, that keeps players uptodate.

And not only is it good for the game you can also use it to keep players up to date  with social media with articels of future updates, server issues and events like the screenshot events or even ingame events.

A link to al social media and youtube and etc... .

Also just a small community page where players can contact one and other for maybe duo's asking hints and tips.

And maybe a partner page where players can look upon partners of the game maybe like a little bio or some sorts of the partner itself, but with most the most important thing there stream pages so people can actualy instantly get on a partners streampage promoting the game even more and helping the partners a bit aswel.

Would love to hear what yall think of that.


Kind Regards,




Sorry for my 💩 english but it is not my native language

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I 'm waiting also for an answer to this topic.
My guessing is that, if you see the game having companions, is the game with a lot of sold copies. 
I don't really expect from Bohemia a companion app. 
What I would expect, when the release come, is that they would work in an API , so that some players could build trackers with this API.

In PUBG there is an API, but thy didn't make any companions. API means that they need to work on the server side with a database to store data and allow to check on the data.
It's need also lot of works to put in it. For maybe a community not that big. 

So i hope it will have At least an API, but i wouldn't be surprise that we not see any companions and API.
Thanks !

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I love the idea of a companion app I was actually looking for one the other day and then realized it wasn't a thing for vigor one of the things I wanted it for was tracking battle pass progress I really hope this becomes a thing and I love the idea of one

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