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Attaching objects/compositions to vanilla vehicles

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G'day guys,

I'm working on a small mod to retexture and improve the vanilla arma 3 vehicles. However am currently stuck at attaching items to the exterior of said vehicles.

Currently I'm running everything inside my config.cpp file, and have the prowler retextured using:

	class B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F;
	class Custom_Prowler: B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F
		side = 1;
		scope = 2;
		crew = "Custom_Unit";
		faction = "Custom_Faction";
		displayName = "Custom Prowler"
		hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo_1"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"filepath.paa"};
		class textureSources
			class Prowler_Texture
				displayName = "Prowler Texture";
				author = "Grovesy";
				textures[] = {"filepath.paa"};
				materials[] = {};
				factions[] = {"BLU_F","BLU_G_F"};

Now I'm pretty confident I could use the eventHandlers class and add some attachTo's in the init, but is there a cleaner/quicker way to attach the objects in the conifg.cpp?

I have a composition.sqe file of how I want everything set up, but I'm unsure how I can manipulate that into my config.cpp


My end goal is having a few jerry cans and other vanilla extras attached to the outside of the vehicles. Wanting them to look more like special ops, long range vehicles.


Any help is appreciated,



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