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Sean Dugan

D.A.G.R. Semi-Serious MilSim | Recruiting Operators, Press, Content Creators & more!

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‍If you’re looking for a group of tight-knit players & an entirely new perspective on MilSim RP, look no further. DAGR operates on the basis that all members are capable of executing orders effectively with advanced knowledge of not only the game and its environment, but basic Role-Playing knowledge as well. Some training may be required; We aren’t here to babysit you, but we don’t mind showing new players around, either.


Join DAGR today & be deployed to over 10 different AO's around the world under armed forces from any NATO nation imaginable. Take part in full scale international operations with Dynamic Recon Ops' replayability & functionality. Literally hundreds of uniforms, camos, accessories, gear & fully licensed models of every NATO nation's arsenals. Not to mention the countless uniform patches for RP purposes.

Take the next step with a uniquely casual military-rp community. All the tactics & gear, comradery & fun without the ass-kissing & time-wasting of typical MilSim servers.



Defense Alliance of Global Resurgence (//DAGR/) is a fictional peace-enforcement initiative set in the A3 universe established by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in June of 2030. DAGR is a collaboration of allied nations whose primary objective is to bring diplomacy to poverty stricken, war torn countries with limited resources & provide them with security, medical, & technical aid. In addition to re-establishing local governments, DAGR is assigned to assist in the training & development of local law enforcement, military & other key government institutions. (read full dagr lore here.)



We are currently reviewing applicants from around the world & whilst we are eager to welcome all,

we must first verify that you meet our basic requirements...


We are a mature gaming community & as such must insist that all applicants be the age of 16+. (Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, please contact DAGR administration with any & all queries regarding our minimum age requirement policy.)
You MUST have a legal copy of A3 & install our modpack in order to participate in training & missions.
You MUST have a good quality, if not above average microphone  & a copy of Discord installed on your PC.
You are only required to attend 1 operation & 1 training a month to retain active duty status. (Our operational schedule is currently under development whilst we gain community feedback. For the time being, we operate on a day-to-day basis in Pacific Standard Time.)
You will be implemented in any number of positions in a unit and must be able to represent critical thinking skills & communication within operations as a team.




   Visit our website @ natodagr.com

    Click "Join Now" on the main page. (Alternatively, feel free to scroll down to the application page & learn a bit about us on the way.)
    Read the instructions & proceed to your Selection Assessment

    At the top, you will see our list of Requirements, give them a read & complete your application. (same as this forum post, disregard if you have already ready them)

    Join our Discord & inform yourself on our community structure whilst you wait for a Recruit Liaison.









We are a Discord-centric community & therefor do not use INVISION BOARD or the PERSCOM system.

 Discord is our main communications hub for all off-base communications.

We do however utilize TFAR with our private TS3 server.









YT (under construction)

IG (under construction)



Thank you for taking the time to read our pitch,

we know you have a lot of options when it comes

to A3 communities & we appreciate your interest in ours.


If you have any questions, feel free to

contact me personally via Steam.



-Sean Dugan

Commanding Officer

//DAGR/ Headquarters






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Just a quick update on the website & unit:


We have added an operation calendar, it can be found here: 




With it, we have listed our first official date for Basic Combat Training.

So... if you're looking to join, now is the perfect time!



-Sean Dugan

Commanding Officer

//DAGR/ Headquarters

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