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Update 0.9 Aid. Changelog

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Camera and Movement Changes

Max-Speed affected by total backpack weight.

Forward movement when sprinting.

Fall damage is less deadly.

Take less damage when falling into the water.

Ladders rework: 

Sprinting and sliding behaviors..

Improved interaction markers.

New animations  - hands

Climbing/Vaulting rework: 

Hands should be placed in the correct places when moving.

Weapon Changes

Re-balanced  Weapons 

Staggers have been added 

Recoil smoothing 

Aim point transition smoothing.

Aim assist smoothing when toggling between 1PV and 3PV.

Weapon lower/raise times tweaked.

Adjusted holding positions for weapons.


Character Changes

Reworked Stamina 

Stamina bar added.

New hit reacts/death reacts.

Melee Changes


Character Customization

2 new female archetypes 

Variety of new character cosmetics

New default uniform: (Rain Jacket (Green))

New default backpack: (Travel Bag (Tan))


15 new gestures available 

The player can now customize gestures selection wheel in the shelter - Customize/Gestures - can assign up to 8 gestures

7 default gestures available +  Dust off hands for owners of Founder' pack

gesture's position in the selection wheel:


Level Events

New & improved hints for Signals Detector usage

New icons below compass displaying various player states 

Threat icon which blinks when the position is revealed

Tracked by airdrop icon which blinks when the position is revealed

Spotted by signal detector icon which blinks when the position is revealed 

The Safe and Locked Chest now scale properly with the number of loot boosters


Firing Range Challenges

New shooting challenges 

Shooting challenges now need to be unlocked through acquiring the respective weapons

New shooting range challenge unlocked UI pop-up

Various shooting range challenges menu improvements 

2 new shooting targets

Paint spray: destroyed when shot

Big traffic sign: destroyed when taking enough damage

Multiplayer Lobby

Visual overhaul for the lobby

Improved UI, visuals & audio for purchasing of boosters

Duo's are now marked in the lobby as a duo (next to each other + icon)

Purchasing of a booster now has a pop-up confirmation


Social Boosters

Loot booster price changed from 45 to 30 crowns



Full re-balance

New on-boarding crate added

New items have been added to crates



re-balanced crafting costs for all items



Added a rotating shop where cosmetics can be purchased for crowns



Added voiced story challenges for player onboarding with rewards

Added daily challenges with rewards (up to 3 at a time)

Challenges can be seen in the encounter screen

Daily challenges can be canceled

Story challenges cannot be canceled 


Improved tutorial

Improved player onboarding with directive voice lines

Added cutscenes


The player can unlock achievements of various types

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