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HI All,


I'm trying to get the a laserTarget on a soldier with a player or AI user the Laser Designator to target units.


The laserTarget appears on all units, including soldiers in static weapons but passes through all other soldiers.


#1) Any advise on creating a laserTarget attachedTo  a soldier and deleting working around removing the one that passes through the soldier?


Here is the script I'm using for creating a laser line and laserTarget.

params ["_startObject"];

if (isNull _startObject) exitwith {};

["laser", "onEachFrame", {
	params ["_startObject"];
	//if (currentVisionMode _startObject == 1) exitwith {};
	_designatedObj = laserTarget _startObject;
	if !(isNull _designatedObj) then {				
		_lasercolour = [1,0,0,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB
		_range = 2500; // laser range
		_maxsize = 5; 
		_start = ASLToAGL eyePos _startObject;
		_end = getPos _designatedObj;
		_int = lineIntersectsSurfaces [atltoasl _start, atltoasl _end, _startObject, _designatedObj, true, 1, "VIEW", "GEOM"];
		_size = _maxsize;
		//hintSilent format ["_int: %1", _int];
		if !(_int isEqualTo []) then {
			_end = (_int select 0) select 0;
			_end = asltoagl _end;
			_length = _start vectorDistance _end;
			systemchat format ["_length: %1 _int: %2 ", round _length, typeOf ((_int select 0) select 2)];						
			if (_length >= _range) then {
				_size = 0;
			} else {
				_size = _maxsize;
			if (_length < 1) then {_size = 0};
		} else {
			_length = _start vectorDistance _end;
			systemchat format ["_length: %1", round _length];
		drawLine3D [_start, _end, _lasercolour]; // comment this out to remove the line
		drawIcon3D ["\a3\data_f\car_light_flare2.paa", _lasercolour, _end, _size, _size, random 360, "", 0, 0.05, "PuristaMedium"];	
},[_startObject]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;

#2) ALSO, Is there a way to make the actual laserTarget generated from the laser designator visible in daylight. I would like to use it instead if I can as it scales in size with distance appropriately?

I've tried playing with  setLightIntensity, setLightBrightness, setLightColor and setLightDayLight but had not luck.



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