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Arma 3: Contact Collector's Edition Review

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I am not really a sucker for collector's edition but I like Arma games too much and gave it a go. I was surprised when I got it, in a positive way.


-  Rugged Field Case: This is actually really good. Hard plastic, and the opening and closing mechanisms are actually protected by hard plastic, meaning, they will not break off. There is a lot of room in it, and if you have delicate things to transport, (Models, easily breakable things, etc) this is worth it ! I had such carry cases before and much weaker ones, easily reach the 50 usd mark. I used it with a geiger-counter and some other tools for hobby-explorers etc. So it serves me well, but I am not an American (only my soul is). For Americans, my God! You can store hand-grenades, mines, all kinds of guns, Uzi will fit too, modifications, heck, even mini-nukes will fit inside of it! Anything small that can bring more freedom to the rest of the world will fit in there perfectly!



Usability factor


For Americans: Ultra-High 

For Rest of the World: Moderate



- Walkie-Talkies: Again surprised. It starts with, what the heck brand is it? I guess it is a  Motorola 918? The instruction manual is laughable, it mentions nothing about the brand. I love the warranty page at the end, it asks me for make, model, serial number etc, all of which can nowhere be seen nor encountered. Oh well, I hope it doesn't break, I guess?  Tech wise, well, it is very simple. No visual indications on what bands you operate, or the battery levels, you only have audio means of checking that. Def. not ideal for Hobby-Special Forces guys haha. No really, it is good for industrial work. As for the distance. I tested it and compared it to the Motorola T6, it outclasses the T6 in range and quality. The T6 used to be a 99$ Walkie-Talkie in 2010 ! It has 4/5 star reviews on Amazon, so signal range and signal quality (less noise interference) these beat good Motorola affordable models. You can clip them on your pants as well (clippers included). What I did not like was that each unit came with its own charger, so I need two plugs. Usually, twin-systems come with a docking station where you can charge both at the same time. I guess we still don't know what polluting the world means, 1 point deduction. 


7/10 and a 1 point deduction for polluting the planet, total: 6/10


Usability factor: Moderate


- Paper stuff: Poster is ok, am not really into posters. Map is fine but useless, I mean, I have in-game map plus no space on my gaming desk so good collectible. 2 stickers, meh.



Usability factor: N/A (to me, worthless)


- Tinfoil hats. Next to push-up-bras and beer, probably one of the best inventions ever made.



Usability factor: Extreme. Great to wear outdoors, in cities, Anti-Illuminati Proof. Also fits under combat helmet in case you are out there bringing freedom to primitives and people that have no clue what a McDonalds is.


- Steel Storage Container: Good to have your key-less car-keys (funny, key-less car keys), in there, because thieves will have a harder time to receive wifi signal from your keys to clone it to steal your key-less car in under 1 minute (they stole a BMW keyless of mine last year that way), so this I checked, blocks signal indeed, so from a safety perspective, usable, to me at least.



Usability Factor: Moderate-High


- Arma Deluxe/Arma Contact DLC:

10/10. I'm a sucker for Arma


Usability Factor: Ultra-Extreme


Worth the 159 euros plus shipping:


No idea, but it didn't feel like I made a mistake because I can actually use what I bought, where other collector editions you pay more and just have some crap catching dust afterwards.





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