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I want to make sure that in SP my player gets teleported to a specific marker when he is dying. I thought to start simple I catch the HandleDamage event and manage it in there (no teleportation in here):


player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {
_logKey = "HandleDamage--------------------------------------- ";
	diag_log format ["%1unit: %2", _logKey, _this select 0];
	diag_log format ["%1_selection: %2", _logKey, _this select 1];
	diag_log format ["%1_damage: %2", _logKey, _this select 2];
	diag_log format ["%1_source: %2", _logKey, _this select 3];
	diag_log format ["%1_projectile: %2", _logKey, _this select 4];
	diag_log format ["%1_hitIndex: %2", _logKey, _this select 5];
	diag_log format ["%1_instigator: %2", _logKey, _this select 6];
	diag_log format ["%1_hitPoint: %2", _logKey, _this select 7];
	diag_log format ["%1_player getDammage: %2", _logKey, getDammage player];
	if (getDammage player >= 0.9) then {
		player setDamage 0;

When I now go out on the battlefield it seems to work fine but then after some time under heavy fire and grenades, my player still dies and I get the mission end screen. Am I missing something here - should I look for a different event instead?




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Hello there arma_max !


You can find here my WIP Respawn in SP , Script - Mod Version :


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private ["_plyr","_kilr"];

_plyr = _this select 0;
_kilr = _this select 1;

//If you want to respawn at a marker...call the script like this...
nul = [_plyr,_kilr,"wrespawn"] execVM "playerKilled.sqf";

//If you want to respawn as a playable AI...call the script like this...
//nul = [_plyr,_kilr] execVM "playerKilled.sqf";



private ["_plyr","_kilr","_type","_group","_dist","_camera","_found","_rand","_unit"];

_plyr = _this select 0;
_kilr = _this select 1;
_mrkr = if (count _this >2) then {_this select 2};

if (isNil "_kilr") then {_kilr = objNull};

//grab some stuff we need later
_type = typeOf _plyr;
_group = group _plyr;
_dist = _plyr distance _kilr;

if (count _this > 2) then {
//if (not (isNil _mrkr)) then {
	//create the new unit.... same group
	_unit = _group createUnit [_type, (getMarkerPos _mrkr), [], 1, "none"];
	sleep 1;
	addSwitchableUnit _unit;
	selectPlayer _unit;
	_unit setRank "COLONEL";
	waitUntil {_unit == player};
	_found = true;
    _oldUnit = _plyr;
    _oldGroup = group _oldUnit;
    //We dont care if he was not the leader
    if ((leader _oldGroup) == _oldUnit) then {
		_oldGroup selectLeader _unit;
		waitUntil {(leader _oldGroup) == _unit};
        _handle = [_oldUnit, _oldGroup, _unit] spawn {
            _oldUnit = _this select 0;
            _oldGroup = _this select 1;
			_unit = _this select 2;
            _oldProviders = _oldUnit getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_allProviderModules",[]];
            _HQ = _oldUnit getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_HQ",nil];
            //Wait for a new leader to be assigned 
            _leader = _unit;
		if (isNil {_unit getVariable ["BIS_SUPP_HQ",nil]}) then {
            if ((count _oldProviders) > 0) then {
                    _providerModule = _x;
                         if (typeOf _x == "SupportRequester" && _oldUnit in (synchronizedObjects _x)) then {
                              [_leader, _x, _providerModule] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink;
                    }forEach synchronizedObjects _providerModule;
              }forEach _oldProviders;
           	_unit setVariable ["BIS_SUPP_transmitting", false];
			_unit kbAddTopic ["BIS_SUPP_protocol", "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.bikb", "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.fsm", {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "A3\Modules_F\supports\kb\protocol.sqf"}];
			_unit setVariable ["BIS_SUPP_HQ", _HQ];
              _used = _oldUnit getVariable [format ["BIS_SUPP_used_%1",_x], 0];
              _leader setVariable [format ["BIS_SUPP_used_%1", _x], _used, true]
            } forEach [

} else {
	//try to find a random playable unit
	while {(not (_found)) and ((count switchableunits) >=1)} do {
		_unit = switchableunits select (floor (random (count switchableunits)));
		if (alive _unit) then {
			_found = true;
			selectplayer _unit;
		sleep 1;
BIS_DeathBlur ppEffectAdjust [0.0];
BIS_DeathBlur ppEffectCommit 0.0;


onPlayerKilled.sqf Executed when player is killed in singleplayer or in multiplayer mission.

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