Depends on how you do the respawn you could use something like this:   //initPlayerLocal.sqf or wherever you seem fit //function to register vehicles for marker drawing TAG_vehMarkers = []; TAG_fnc_vehMarkerHandling = { params ["_veh","_textType"]; _veh setVariable ["TAG_fnc_vehMarkerRespawnParams",_this]; _mrk = createMarker [str _veh, getPosVisual _veh]; _mrk setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _mrk setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; _this append [_mrk]; TAG_vehMarkers pushBack _this; _mrk }; //use this to remove the vehicle from marker handling TAG_fnc_vehMarkerRemove = { params ["_veh"]; _index = TAG_vehMarkers findIf {_x#0 isEqualTo _veh}; _removed = TAG_vehMarkers deleteAt _index; deleteMarker (_removed#2); systemChat format ["Removed %1 from marker handling",_removed]; true }; //handle marker drawing and text selection addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{ _truckTexts = [["Repair truck","Repair truck is destroyed"],["Fuel truck","Fuel truck is destroyed"],["Ammo truck","Ammo truck is destroyed"]]; { _x#2 setMarkerPos getPosVisual (_x#0); _x#2 setMarkerText (_truckTexts#(_x#1) select (!alive (_x#0))); } forEach TAG_vehMarkers; }]; //to add vehicles to marker handling use this inside a trigger/script/whatever _handleMarker = [ammotruck,2] call TAG_fnc_vehMarkerHandling;//0 for repair, 1 for fuel, 2 for ammo etc. You can simply register vehicles and wanted text types with a single line, should be self explanatory, if not, ask. Also added a function so you can cleanly remove a vehicle from being handled by the EachFrame Eventhandler and also deletes the vehicle related marker.   Will work from vehicle respawn module like this: _handleMarker = [_this#1,2] call TAG_fnc_vehMarkerHandling;//adjust number to text you want to put out obviously Setting marker positions on each frame costs negligible CPU cycles (0.0013ms on my rig), a frame lasts 16.67ms at 60fps, so 0.0013ms is 0.002167% of a frame at 60fps. Can squeeze a few of those into a single frames runtime, heh.   Cheers
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