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Victim913 Projects (UPDATE 1/4, CamoNet Helmets) (LDF, CSAT NAVY, csat snow, gue snow, csat army)

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Update for the new year 1/4/20


For today just 1 new addition.

CamoNet Helmets. It's a bunch of reskins of the camo helmet. I looked forward to them when I saw them for Arma3 but it looked kind of bad.

So what I did was used vegetation and clutter textures of different terrains and played around with the look. Furthermore, I used regular bi  helmets under them and added new ones to blend with the net textures. Finally, I even painted a few helmets with the vegetation making some of the helmets look more like real grass and plants.

It's just the regular NATO combat helmets with net. I did not skin for other types like the light or spec versions.

4 Arid nets

4 woodland

5 forest

4 semi arid

5 lush

7 or 8 jungle

over 13 snow

tan combat helmet

new green combat helmet

white combat helmet

snow camo combat helmet

 and a few extras that have vegetation painted on them. Not good for using in game but to show what I did for a few of the helmets. .













Last, I have new snow guerilllas coming. The sweater version to add along with the others.

Snow army

new army with woodland and snow units. They will end up being a faction from an island I am making. Those units should come in a week or two.


end of update





*********I Will put updates at the top here so you don't have to scroll down to find them.



New CSAT Navy units and LDF Kuma and Hind.


My last update ended up not updating. I had internet problems. So nothing was updated.

Today I added only LDF and Navy units. All of the others will be updated today or tomorrow. Those will be mostly helicopters and crew, and pilots.

And anyone is free to use any thing they want from my stuff.


As of today. File Factory links, then I will put them on steam workshop.

LDF link is here:






Since most are unarmed and not combat units, I made up different units based on uniforms.

Engineers, medics, have toolkits and medikits in leg packs instead of backpacks. Officers also have hand guns in leg packs. They look stupid aiming handguns all the time. So it's kind of like holstering.

Inludes a few colors of pilot and crew helmets.

I have a pararescue medic in pilot uniform. and rescue symbols on pilot helmets.

I included gray and gray hex versions of Taru, Orca, and Kajman. Also a medevac orca.












I have a few projects that I'm working on that are near completion. I thought I should put them here in order to hopefully get some feedback before I spend more time finalizing something that might need to be different.



Right now i have 3 projects that are close to finish.


The first is my CSAT SNOW mod.

I don't have a huge category of snow maps downloaded to test with. Plus, there are so many differences between them that finding commonality might take a while. . Some snow is white, some blue, some have really bad lighting in order to give a colder look (i assume). A great example is my green vehicles. In the pictures they are a dark green, But on Malden they are extremely light green. The white is blinding.

So i'm hoping some of you can test it on your favorite snow islands using whatever settings you use. Then take pictures and/or send feedback so I can adjust as needed. That way i can make final changes that will make the mod more user friendly.


The snow mod has the following:
-CSAT armor (not Sochor yet).
2 different skins with 3 different camonet and cage types.

-White Ifrit and Qilin

- Infantry
 2 types of uniform camo
 white and gray hex, white green hex

 3 infantry types - Use AAF helmets
 2 advanced tactical assault force - use protector helmets
 2 commando tyes - use soft headgear
 2 rapid intervention force - use assassin helmets
 2 Viper infantry

-most vests
-most backpacks
-alot of different balacalavas
-many helmets and headgear

-snow gun textures


- 3 ground camo nets (2 diff whites, 1 green)
 They are located in props, structures (altis)

--They are all using Urban NVGoggles. I couldn't find a way to retexture NVGoggles so Urban csat was closest fit for now.

-This mod is using Bi CSAT units. Their uniforms made most sense for cold conditions.
I might add AAF soldier types too. But for now, these seemed best.























-more to come..

Within a week or 2 I should have more stuff added.

Coming this week.

-I have 4 skins for Orca (gray, white, snowhex, snowcamo)

Also pilots and crew.


Also soon,





So please test it out on different snow maps and environments that you like using.
Please show pictures with opinion so i can fix things before completed







-I made this
in order to give opponent against CSAT SNOW mod

-This will get bigger with vehicles and other soldier types.

-For now this includes 1 soldier type that seemed a good fit for cold.
-various equipment














AAF solider types retextured for CSAT to give them normal soldier looks

Viper units and special units with AAF and NAto gear options.



















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Well I have to get this.

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Same request here.

Your work is very interesting, have you the possibility to share your PBOs with Google Drive, Dropbox or Mega for example ?


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Really nice mod.

This really looks good for Units behind the front lines where no HighTec equipment is needed (e.g.: national guards in the home regions of CSAT) . Really like the sweaters.

Is there any plan to reskin (reequip) the Urban CSAT faction.  Would also look good as a decent navy uniform for CSAT troops.  So a Blue or Grey sweatter would fit good to the Camo.

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I will have an update today. I'm waiting for a reply for a gunner question. There will finally be Pacific skins for the CSAT Orca, Kajman, and Taru. I don't know why bi never did them. Pacific CSAT only have that terrible verticle take off thing that is almost unusable. But the Orca will have snow hex, white, gray, tan camo, green camo. Kajman will have gray, gay hex, snow hex, green. Taru will have Snowhex, Grayhex, Gray, pacific hex, and Black (not bis purple). Actually I really love how the gray looks. I don't like the Taru that much, but seeing it a gray transport version made me love it.

I'm waiting for help with changing the Taru loadmaster. I can't figure out how to switch him out with my snow hex and pacific camo instead of that yellowhex.


aefak1989, What do you mean reskin the urban camo? Change them to another color? or what?

I do have another mod already out from before Apex, although I may need to update download. But I have slightly different urban hex. I replaced some blue on uniforms with gray and left the blue hex pattern. I reskinned bi original hex, I added woodland hex, semi-arid hex (like the pilots), urban hex. All equipment too.

I also have 2 guerilla factions from FIA units. The opfor guerillas are backed by CSAT and so they have CSAT equipment and camo. No AAF camo. The other faction is independent and have other camos.

After this update I may update those.


I do have more guerillas too. That are not snow. Just better than FIA or Syndikat. Since Contact, I am giving them some of the contact weapons.



And I will upload to steam. I have never done that before but I planned it. It's probably easier once I learn it.

I will also create a download for just the helicopter skins. That way anyone can put them in their own mods. Having Pacific camo for the csat helicopters is a must.



And most of all, after this update, what requests might you have. I know that a lot of the community has dropped off since bi stopped taking the game forward. So I don't want to make stuff no one will use.

Plus anyone making campaigns or missions, if you need something reskinned to help your make your missions stand out a little more. Let me know

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What I meant was to add the Items you have reskinned in normal Hex, but in Urban Hex. An Urban Hex Sweater Uniform, Modular Helmet, AAF Uniform, Vest etc. I really like the CSAT Urban Hex pattern as it uses blue which can also be used for units at sea.

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