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Arma 3 Bug/Problem after Playing Mod "Resist"

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For years, I had zero issues playing Arma 3. Today, I installed a mod known as "Resist", good mod, SP. I played through 2 missions, then I went for some online play KOTH and I immediately had a major animation problem when entering a helicopter or vehicle. I would first sit on the ground, and then seconds later appear on the chopper. When sitting outside on a Hummingbird (after the same animation), I sit there without a weapon. I am holding my hands together instead and cannot aim, select a weapon, fire, nothing. Also, in singleplayer, the NPC pilots either appear dead inside the cockpit (but they are not dead!!!), or they sit completely wrong, so in the Chinook, instead of sitting on the chair, pilot crouches on top of chair.....

What did I do? Explained below in chronological order.


First time: Verified Game Integrity. Didn't solve it.
Second time: Deleted the Mods.Completely deleted the game. Kept the 2-files from My Documents on desktop. Reinstalled game, placed folders again in My Documents, Verified Game integrity. No MODS were installed. Didn't solve it. 

Third time: Uninstalled again the game. Deleted all MOD files inside one of the two files but kept the files in My Documents. Reinstalled. Didn't solve the problem.

Fourth time: Uninstalled again all and took out those two files again and placed them on desktop. Entered game, still did not solve the problem.


I am not at a WTF situation here where frustration starts to kick in. What the heck is going on, someone please help ! This is my favorite game and it is completely corrupted and whatever I do, it doesn't solve the issue, the game installs itself wrongly at this point......

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I found out a solution.... but seriously...


Ok, if anyone encounters animation problems, try the following mod, play ONCE with that mod, and then just delete it:

"Super Miller Land Files"


It reset my animations basically, all works fine now, took me 5 hrs finding this out tho and like 6 reinstalls. Btw, no reinstall needed !



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